Select a career by your type of personality

Do you know what type of personality is yours? People divide into introverts and extroverts, which decide a lot of things in their lives.

If you prefer being quiet and do things on your own, you are definitely an introvert. People like you don’t have many friends, however, it doesn’t mean that you are not friendly and not open to meeting people. You just feel more comfortable being on your own and don’t get help because you don’t like to be disturbed.


Extroverts are completely opposite. They like having hundred of friends around, going out, and you will always be able to spot them. Usually, extroverts enjoy working in a team and participate in brainstorming games.

So, did you define your type of personality? If so, we offer you to look at the list of careers you can choose from to feel the most comfortable according to your character. Also, we will explain what degree you need to obtain to get the desired job. Follow us!


As we have already mentioned above, introverts feel at peace with themselves when doing things alone. You should find the career that will allow you to create your own project, realize your own ideas and improve them yourself. A solely project will help you to concentrate on your thoughts, but not listen to other peoples’ ideas, unless you ask for.

Find the best professions you may get to ensure a comfortable and interesting future for yourself:

  • Accountant

People of this profession spend time in offices without interacting much with other workers. If you are good at math, have good analytic skills, and a long concentration on details don’t scare you, you may think of studying accounting at university. To become a specialist in this field, you need to get a bachelor degree.

  • Graphic designer


Many modern teenagers are interested in art and design. Apart from talented skills like drawing, you should be good at computer and software. Being a graphic designer, you will have a chance to work in your own studio, or at home as a freelancer and implement the projects. Get a bachelor degree in visual or graphic arts/design.

  • Veterinarian

If you don’t feel completely comfortable around people, you will find it pleasant to help animals. You will have your own surgery and will be able to help animals every single day. Plus veterinarians get a very high salary! To become one, get a degree in veterinarian science.

  • Extroverts

Team work, great communicative skills…is it about you? Then you are surely an extrovert and there is a huge number of careers to think of. Choose one of the below-described careers and get to share your ideas, consult people, and make serious decisions in groups of colleagues.

  • Teacher

You will improve your communicative skills even better if you work as a teacher. Communicating with kids and teenagers every day will definitely make you feel great about yourself. Dealing with young people requires patience and understanding..Obtain a bachelor degree in education and get a postgraduate teaching qualification.

  • Lawyer


If you have a strong confidence in your skills, knowledge, and if you feel like defending people, you can become a good lawyer. However, you shouldn’t lack of patience! Be prepared to deal with completely different people to find best solutions for various cases. Study laws and aim for a bachelor degree. You will also have to pass extra examinations and admission tests to prove your qualification.

  • Public relations expert

Nowadays, PR managers are needed in all areas. You will have to communicate with hundreds of clients, present your skills, and convince people in your interesting suggestions. During this experience, you will develop communicative skills and find important contacts. For this, you will have to get a degree in media and communications, or public relations.

We hope that this information was useful for you and you will get a suitable profession for yourself!