Spring cleaning for productivity boosting

As days are getting longer and sun is showing itself finally, we understand the importance of a good cleaning. If you have a desk that is cluttered with academic writing and texts that you don’t need, it’s time for a revision and a planning routine that will help you stay sharp throughout the week. To put your papers in order, you should concentrate on a few simple tasks. The process of writing an essay is very similar with planing everything and creating a structure, need some help ?


Let it go

There is a certain amount of responsibility in letting others do work for you. If you are the head of the company and run a business, but you are forced to spend hours on minor tasks that don’t require your presence, the energy is dispersed.

Try to focus on bigger accomplishments instead and delegate your administrative routine to a personal assistant, as it is their direct duty. Many of us like to be in charge and take control even when it’s not necessary, but there are times you just have to let go.

Forget about mail

Find an hour in your busy schedule that will be devoted to reading your inbox. For the rest of the day, forget about social networks and checking on your mail folders constantly.

Mail is a huge time-eater, and it takes away hours you can devote to other important tasks, like holding a meeting with your colleagues or discussing latest news, that are related to work. By minimizing distractions around you, you will make working day more efficient and be able to accomplish a lot.



Buy a daily planner that will allow you to distribute the tasks properly. You may be surprised, but hectic schedules are the major cause of stress at work and instead of jumping around from one assignment to another, you can bring some sort of order to your life.

If you think that sticking to the schedule is impossible, look for sources of inspiration online. You can also set an example for your colleagues by trying hard to accomplish all tasks in one week, and if you succeed, do not forget to reward yourself. Every time you have something on mind that needs to be noted immediately, take a paper and a pencil and put the information down. In a society, where knowledge is the key, we need small reminders to keep going.

Get rid of procrastination

Procrastination is what makes us wake up at night and experience the feeling of guilt at the thought of the previous day. To avoid it, find the right motivation.

As cheesy as this may sound, your passion is the only thing that helps you be on the move. Another useful advice would be to find something that encourages you greatly and repeating it like a mantra. Choose time for meditation during the day, even if you have a busy schedule, and remind yourself of the objectives. You should be goal-oriented in your work and let procrastination rule only if you know you’ve already done much and your mind simply needs to rewind.


Don’t be afraid to decline offers

Sometimes, we have to let our hair down for a while and be like trees in the wind, with no worries and no troubles. If you see that your colleagues give you tasks they can easily do themselves, don’t be afraid to say “no” and make a statement.

Every time you agree to engage in administrative duties that are not in your division or department, you take additional responsibility, and therefore, wear out faster. After all, you are not supposed to work extra hours if you don’t want to, and dividing assignments between the team of professionals is not an easy job. You should focus on personal deadlines instead to make your spring cleaning complete and earn a promotion from your manager.