Ikea’s success story

What do we know about Ikea in general? We can start with the information that is on display and within easy reach to anyone who is remotely interested in the brand. Ikea has almost 300 stores in 26 countries, and it is a retailer group from Netherlands, which earns $36 billion a year. In this our post you can read about success story of Ikea company and to be inspired with it’s history, we try our best to make your story successfull too, we have our discounts on essay for best clients ever.


With its sharp strategy and forward-thinking approach, Ikea has become number one furniture provider across the world. As people jokingly say, buying items they need for a household has never been easier. So, what can we attribute such popularity to? Is there a secret that needs to be revealed?

They solved the furniture problem

Before Ikea came to the market, people were forced to buy items that would never wear out. People used to look at the things they decorate their house with as a long-lasting investment, and we would not be wrong if we say they got tired of it eventually.

With Ikea, you can easily switch from one style to another, and dispose of the unnecessary objects when you get tired of them. The company solved the most pressing issue of buying: you don’t have to wait until your sofa outlives itself – you can go the store and buy a new one instead.

They created items for youth

Younger generation loves Ikea, and we think we know why. With its laconic design and features that promote clean, almost Spartan aesthetics, company has established a unique style, which appeals to the whole generation of people. Those who don’t want to burn holes in their pockets and prefer minimalistic design to the rococo chic can go to Ikea to find their heart’s desire and be content with a geometric print and a simple look.


They have liberal offers

According to the experts, who studied the secrets of Ikea’s success, the company’s strategy allows them to stick to adequate pricing without losing profit. While there are even cheaper shops like Aldi, where you can get a serous discount if you come at the right time, customers still prefer to go to Ikea, because a price that is extremely low makes people think there is a catch to this deal. With Ikea, however, clients can be sure they will be provided with quality item at an average cost.

They made themselves a goal

While many people prefer to shop online these days, Ikea is still insanely popular due to its specific image and destination that customers consider when planning their weekend. They can choose between a grocery store and try a new one as the time goes, but when it comes to furniture and decorating their homes, Ikea stands as a number one retailer. In other words, if you know exactly what you want, you will most definitely shop there.


They opt for simplicity

On the one hand, a simple, almost basic look of things you can find in Ikea may be a disappointment, especially if you are used to the luxury designs and prefer a style that catches eye immediately. You may be surprised by the way design is presented in Ikea stores, where people shop regularly.

On second thought, however, you start to realize there is a certain concept to that design, and by utilizing the whimsical names of the products, retailers are trying to send a message to all the clients: there is no need to be posh when decorating. You can achieve the same result with the help of minimalistic attitude, and that is perfectly fine for anyone who thinks home should not be stuffed with useless items like fancy candles and strange lamps.