Jeremy Shuler – The youngest student ever

Jeremy Shuler is a miracle, a genius inborn. He is now one of the most promising students in the Ivy League University. What of it, you may say. People enter college every day. This one, however, is special. Jeremy is 12.


The boy was home-schooled, born into a family of engineers, and is progressing with his studies on a daily basis. He is a kind of a child that has to be busy all the time, inventing things and exploring everything that is around him.

This is unusual, and this deserves appraisal. When the school test showed that he was mentally prepared to proceed with studies, the kid did not waste his time. Now the family is living in Ithaca and seems to be satisfied with what they have. It is truly a case of a wonderful child in the wonderful circumstances. At the age of five, he said he could read something intellectually challenging. His parents gave him Tolkien and a math theory textbook for starters. Jeremy enjoyed both. Family recalls outstanding mental capacities that were beginning to show from an early childhood and Mom and Daddy were too excited for words. They had no idea of what was coming until they realized he could name every letter of the alphabet at 15 months.


Today, Jeremy still looks like a child with his wide smile and cheerful complexion. He is trying to adjust himself to the new surroundings, though things are still a little complex, socially, and different from what he had in high school. Parents say they had to sign a special permission allowing the child to enter university and study on a college level, but they didn’t hesitate. This was a decision of a lifetime, and they had nothing to lose. Of course, they worried, just like any other parents in the world, but it was all the more gratuitous that their son was aiming high. When he was with other kids of his age, they would run around screaming and yelling and he was kind of stressed.

The socializing problem was looming on the horizon, until the family found out he was just looking for someone to share the interests. It wasn’t until they took him to the local math club, that they realized he loves communication, just with the similar ones. Math can be hard in college, but family hopes Jeremy will be doing fine. Computer is his favorite pastime, and he even wrote a book, explaining Minecraft to the newbies. It turned out to be a success with kids of his age, and he met a lot of people online. Now Jeremy receives praise for showing young people around the world they can be smart and sociable at the same time. This unique child is an example of how strong love for knowledge can be, and more importantly, its innate qualities. Jeremy’s mother is from Korea. She hoped her son would learn the language too, one day. To her surprise, he is just as fluent as he is in English.


According to parents, this is the perfect background for a scholar, since Jeremy can move to Asia if the heart tells him so. The child himself is not sure about the future. He just wants to socialize and be happy with what he has. The university days are ahead, and where his father is now a doctor, Jeremy is an undergraduate. A mind-blowing perspective for a 12 year old.