Best Science Places. The world ranking

Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom. This is the most popular place for all Jurassic Park fans (except the dinos do not move after all). If you’ve been watching the movies about the extinct creatures with bated breath, this structure guarantees your open-mouthed awe. We are all children in our hearts, and the idea of dreams coming alive forever excites us. Here we go. Sit on the edge of your sit while watching the film about the species of the pangolins traipsing the Earth when the world was young, and the remnants of which still make archaeologists glad.


To engage in an awesome adventure that dates back in time, you have to buy a ticket at the front. And voila! The rare collection of plants and species together with flora and fauna existing billions of year ago. An exciting visit for children, promising scientists and discoverers at heart!

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany. This is probably the biggest scientific museum in the world. It is impressive, with location on a small island and a river, and a breathtaking scenery around. Who could have thought that math would settle itself in a place like this? More than 28, 000 are on general display at the moment, and even more are to come. One of the major sights is the renowned Cave of the Altamira. It is the exact replica of a cave, found in Spain, with the first cave paintings ever. Germans know how to build.

The Exploratorium, San Francisco, United States. Now, this is the treasury. It is called the fun place not for nothing. The main aim of this institution is to encourage the young minds to action whenever they think of science. It is diverse, with all the entrances to the exhibitions hidden behind closed doors and a quest to find the hidden gems within the museums. Science can be entertaining, and this institution proves it’s all true. With all the groove and glory, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the façade. Besides, the entrance fees are more than welcoming, making a trip to this center of scientific learning even more of a pleasure.


Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand. The most unusual institution. It is exotic, filled with fossil wildlife and specimen. The Te Papa Museum earns its original name in the Maori people culture, inhabiting New Zealand since the dawn of times and is especially popular with children of all ages. You can learn quite a few things about the country without having to travel far and wide. In addition, this national treasure features one of the best museum guides in the world. Enjoy, my friends.

National Media Museum, Bradford, United Kingdom. Have you ever dreamt of being a cinematographer? This place offers you a chance to be one for a day. From the principles of green screen to the lighting schemes and behind the scenes footage, this institution is full of surprises. Walk around the cinema hall and make your own movie, or start in a personal TV show and see how you look on screen. Buying a ticket is like entering a realm of the unknown. You are expecting something to happen, but never know what it is. For all the cinema lovers, this would be a perfect Sunday walk, and if you are with children, a lovely opportunity occurs to make acquaintance with the limelight world.


The fees are democratic, and the institution is open on Sundays and special occasions. Welcome everyone!