Combating stress with coloring

You may argue that coloring was made for children, but we beg to disagree. In the academic paper, published recently, researchers prove that it is an activity that de-stresses you when all other methods have been tried out and didn’t help.


Besides, you can concentrate on other tasks without having to consume another coffee cup, which boosts your adrenaline level, but definitely fills you up on caffeine.

Publishers have realized the importance of creating something that would fit adults around the world and make their realities more colorful, and started to spread editions, made especially for grown up people. These are coloring books with an intention, and they have made a box office success in America and Europe. If we look back at the coloring books of the past, we can definitely say that Carl Jung was the one who initiated the tradition.

He used mandalas in his practice to help grown-ups fight stress, and made them draw concentric circles as they came to share their thoughts and feelings with the famous psychoanalyst. When we draw, we activate the part in our brains that is responsible for relaxation. Decreasing the stress level, we expand the channels that boost creativity and make us more productive, so the practice works both ways: spiritual fulfillment and de-stressing.


If we use simple words and expressions, we can say that we focus on a specific activity rather than concentrate on an issue that we cannot solve. It helps us distract our mind from the daily routine and explore the world of colorful books and illustrations. In general terms, coloring is a passive activity which helps us go back to our childhood state where none of the problems really mattered, and we could solve them with a simple click of a finger.

When we were little, everything was magical by default, and we can deliberately return ourselves the feeling while drawing. For anyone who takes this theory skeptically, we can say that coloring transfers us to another reality, and spiritual horizons that unravel before our eyes are simply amazing. Scientists recommend practicing in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, preferably with no distractions around. You have to choose a quiet, cozy spot where you can be alone with the coloring book and your feelings.

The healing power of books

You may be surprised, but in countries like France and the UK coloring books for adults have become bestsellers. There are publishers like Hachette, making money on grown-up editions that involve psychedelic art, cupcakes and ironic illustrations, and they are all quite successful, as people love buying something that would keep them away from stress.

Another example is Mel Simone Elliot, an illustrator from Britain, who earned a name in the artistic circles by putting celebrities’ faces on display in her colored works. Actors like Ryan Gosling and eccentric Lady Gaga have both appeared on the covers, and we dutifully believe this is another way to fight stress once you are down and out.


In America, there are comedians like Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen, who believe that anything is good as long as it brings you pleasure and satisfaction, that’s why their coloring editions are full of unexpected turns and tones. Moreover, they stressed the importance of using crayons instead of pens that go through the paper.

According to the famous illustrators, you have to take care of the atmosphere as well, and see if you need additional colors to make your drawing stand out. Luckily, we have something to choose from these days and can find a coloring book that would fit our personal requirements and help us fight stress as we go about our daily chores.