Roller Coaster post college life

Most of students are looking for their graduation to get rid of the essay writing and exams taking routine. The life after college seems to be saturated with freedom and adulthood. However, a lot of young people get into the situation of discomfort and are often confused about their further actions. Apartment search, new flatmates, job hunting – all these problems seems to be united on purpose to ruin the adult life of the graduates. How to stay calm and make only right and suitable decisions? There are some methods, which are used by thousands of other former students.


In our digital realities your best helpers on the way to adult and independent life can become the apps. Advices for saving your time, money and urgent problem solving are those things, which can always improve your situation.


One of the most important things of grown up life is the budget planning. With the Pennies app you have your financial issues arranged in quite simple way. Thus, you can set your spending limits and do not take any efforts on additional calculation of your assets. The app enables you to be aware of your financial situation and it will help to control your expenses and be more careful with them. With the Pennies app you will be informed about your financial possibilities and it will be simpler to decide on purchase of new gadget, clothes or vacation planning.


This is one more nice application to keep control over your financial affairs. BillMinder will remind you about your bill payment necessity. The app reminds about the upcoming, due and overdue bills, so you will never miss anything. Besides, BillMinder enables you to connect to the phone of your flatmate and to keep control over your flat rent expenses and do not pay for utilities, which you have not used.

Cam Card

This app will be very useful for your job search or contact circle extension. All you need is to open the app and take a picture of your business card. Your information will be added automatically and you can edit it or put some additional notes. The app provides you with great chances for your professional goals completing due to job search. Besides, having contacts related the business and carrier sphere can always result in a useful experience, partnerships or skills upgrading.


Orderly is your digital helper that manages to remember everything, giving you the possibility to concentrate on other things. Using this app you can not only add your to-do-actions. The user separates his or her responsibilities and specifies priorities and due dates for them. So, if you have a million of activities each day and feel that you can forget something, download Orderly and be always in time with your affairs.


The adult life includes such activity as cooking and you are not very excited with this, are you? The desire to eat delicious and healthy food is always strong, but to spend hours on searching the best recipes seems to be a serious wasting of time. RecipeGen can already make everything for you. There is an option to search the best recipes from the most outstanding chefs. Also the app enables to customize your search by specifying the ingredients, which you have at your disposal right now.


Indeed, the adult life is filled with a lot of concerns and troubles, but you should never forget about your health and inner balance. Headspace is the app, which can take you from all this problematic stuff, regarding occupation, money or flat rent. The app offers relaxation and trains you to arrange your thoughts through guided meditations. In spite of your location or physical state 10 free meditations from Headspace will give you a hand in clearing up your mind and setting the positive mindset.

For sure, this apps will make your after graduate life less complicated and will take away some of your worries. So, never get upset or give up, there are so many opportunities and ways out and you will definitely succeed with your after college adaptation at one stroke.