Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success

Steve Jobs is the example to follow for millions of businessmen, who only start their professional development and are often lost on the way to their sphere of interest.


How to become successful? How to orientate oneself in the modern market? These and a lot of other questions disturb the minds of young people. Even attending of popular seminars and lectures is not the guaranteed way to find all required answers.

Today we are going to consider seven important rules of success, suggested by Steve Jobs, and try to understand their validity and meaning. Perhaps, if such an outstanding man formulated the following statements, there should be something special in them, which led the man to prominent deeds and results.

Do what you love

 For sure you have heard this statement dozens of times. People emphasize it all the time, but still 80% of people hate what they do and feel their job to be a punishment. Perhaps, this is the key. If you get up in the morning and feel that you are already tired only with the thought of going to office, it will not work out. You can hardly generate some creative and brilliant ideas within the sphere you are not interested in. On the contrary, enthusiasm and endless interest cause mental activity and creativeness.

Put a dent in the universe

Your business should not be the blind making of the money. Think globally, think over what people need and change their life for the best. You need to outline perspectives and goals of what you do and consider what improvements for the society it can bring. Such scale thinking and goals setting is the sign of the successful undertaking.


Make connections

 View the things wider than they are, search new connections and dependencies. To become outstanding and to create something special, you need to see what others do not see. Undertake some different and even odd at the first sight activities. Do those things what other people can consider irrational and focus on some unknown spheres, which can bring new inspiration and directions of development.

Say no to 1,000 things

 To move successfully to your goal, one should be selective and stick to the principles of his business. If you are directed on creating the high-quality products, do not yield to temptation of quick earning by dealing with the untrustworthy products or services. Your reputation will be rewarded when the time comes.

Create different experiences

 When Jobs first offered the idea of the Apple Store, he announced that it would be entirely different experience. Instead of moving boxes just for communication, devices gain the new power of enriching people’s life with new emotions and become something entirely different. And what are you going to enrich the life of people with? How can your product become remarkable and meaningful for people?


Formulate the right message

 Having great products and ideas, a lot of businessmen still fail in leading the successful activities. One more important factor that determines the result of your efforts is the message. Think how you will represent your product to the public and analyze whether this representation is interesting for consumers. Thus, Steve Jobs did not get used to deliver standard presentations, but informed, educated and inspired people when telling about his product.

Sell dreams, not products

You need to understand your customer’s needs and desires. If you know what people want and what they are dreaming about, you can create the right product, which will become not only the thing for sale, but the thing for soul. Follow Steve Jobs, who created simple but sophisticated devices, which are the dream of the millions of people.

Use these advices, given by Steve Jobs, work, create and never forget to dream – this is the right way to success and prominent accomplishments.