How to become a member of Ivy League

There are different criteria concerning the selection of the best university for a student to get to. This can be reputation, academic level, education quality or some specific factor that suits for this or that student personally. But it is better if all these points are combined and the institution has a wide background for any student to select from. It is great if you can have nice chances for entering prestigious college or for participation in educational unions and associations, being a good sportsman or a young promising scientist.


In regard to the question of the top universities there should be obviously named the “Ivy League”. These are 8 universities of seven states in the United States of America that are united in regard to athletic conference and also academic excellence. The universities of Ivy League are ranked among the best universities worldwide. The high academic level together with the reputation, make the League a very popular place for all the students without any exceptions.

The league of excellence

All eight universities within the Ivy League are the remarkable educational institutions in the USA and are placed in the top universities worldwide. To get to one of these universities for a student is very prestigious. One should make a lot of efforts to withstand the competition and become eligible applying for Ivy League. The lecturers in the universities of the Ivy League are famous businessmen and politicians and a lot of other well-known and outstanding people. Apart from the very factor of excellent education that these institutions provide or their scientific background, to get into such a university means to become a part of the elite society. To say that this is upscale is almost to say nothing.

Everything, from the conditions that students have when study there to the knowledge they get, is guaranteed to be on top level. The possibilities of the Ivy League universities are immense, so being even a small part of this huge mechanism is definitely your path to success. The League ensures superb opportunities for any research (all universities have greatly equipped workshops and laboratories) and a big variety of programs for a student to choose between.

The league is the guarantee of a student’s future

The choice of the university for any student is to some extent one of the most important tasks in his or her life. The knowledge and education, which a student will get, defines what job he or she will be able to get and what life conditions have. The Ivy League has a long history and rooted traditions – it became the symbol of excellence a long time ago.

Also one of the important things is that the financial endowment of the universities of the Leagues is one of the largest in the world. That is why it allows them to provide significant resource in regard to academic or scientific and research endeavors. Such a budget makes it possible for the universities to provide the students with all that is required and to get what is necessary.

What you should do to get to Ivy League?

First of all, such universities are looking for the students, who are eager to get knowledge and are initiative and skillful. They should be leaders of tomorrow and know what they want and to set the right goals to reach. The knowledge should always go together with the ability to use it and the one, who can combine intelligence and charisma, will definitely more easily get what is needed.

Also one of the important things is the correctly written essay. “Correctly” here means that any student should treat this question seriously, as no bad essay can help you be admitted. The essay should be objective, without excessive things and descriptions. The think piece should just describe the nature of the character of a student and his or her features in a way.

So, it is not impossible to become the part of such a society for any student, who knows what his or her goals are and who is able to set the right targets to achieve. Plan your schedule, read about the Ivy League and try to become special in certain sphere. Your hard work in some kind of sport or within some scientific researches will be appreciated by your application to Ivy League.