Christmas Items to Decorate Your Dorm

Christmas is our beloved holiday, and students are not an exception. We hope you appreciate our list of festive items. Spent your holidays with faily and DrawinEssayBlog!



We know a steadfast way to bring that Christmas spirit to the dorm, and that is light. With fairy lights and string lights attached to the ceiling you will immediately feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale, and for a charming twist, we suggest you string lights across the window, too.

Christmas tree.

There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. If you don’t want it to be large, you can opt for a smaller version on Amazon. They have the already decorated ones, and the ones you can add lights to yourself, which is a fun experience for you and your roommates.


Ornaments are the part of the decoration process which can’t be missed. If you prefer the traditionally-shaped ones, you can easily locate them in the nearest store, and for the unique, original ideas we suggest you search in specialized malls and Christmas websites online.

Red blanket.

Have you noticed how red immediately makes things Christmas-y? Once you throw a blanket in that color across the bed, you will feel the holiday spirit, and if it is cable knit in addition, we guarantee you won’t be able to tear yourself away from that sofa. Holidays are here!


Fake snow.

This is the best choice for places that never have snowy Christmas. The bags of fake snow can be found practically anywhere – from the local bargain shops around the corner to the Amazon website, where they are $5 each. If you want a cheaper option, pay a visit to the dollar stores in your city.

Paper snowflakes.

For people who like the do-it-yourself stuff, this may be the perfect option. Attach snowflakes to the ceiling or string them across the window, depending on how you want your craft to be displayed. For this, you will need paper, scissors and tape.


Garlands are cool because they come in different forms. You can order one that is traditionally made of tinsel, or opt for a more rural look with pine and twine. Anyway, we are sure your dorm room will have that unmistakable Christmas vibe!


Whether real or fake, candles literally scream Christmas. So, if there is no way you can use a real one in your room, don’t worry, we’ve got something for you, such as the flickering LED candle. It can be ordered via Amazon and bought in stores. You can also add a candle holder to set the atmosphere, or choose a special scent if you are allowed to experiment with the wax ones.


Snowman light.

This is the classic decoration for the Christmas Eve. It can be used throughout the winter with ease as it is portable and adds to the holiday theme. Amazon holds a variety of snowman lights. They can be specially designed to shine at night or have LED lights inside. Whether you choose it for your desk or your dorm table, the effect will be amazing, and still allow you to be onboard with all this Christmas sense. Snowman looks great on shelves and reminds you of the fun times that are coming. A good choice for a student community!


Nutcrackers immediately remind us of Hoffmann and Christmas, and you can buy one on Amazon, depending on what price you are looking for. Nutcrackers literally serve as a reminder you can still have fun even if you live in a student apartment, and that is what we want for Christmas.