How to Binge Watch as a Student

You can either curl up with a good book or watch your favorite show. To make the experience last, follow our blog directions:


Set a schedule.

Depending on your time management technics and subjects, you can either set a two-day marathon or opt for the whole week. For all we know, you will need stamina and endurance to watch the show till the end, because binge-watching means you can’t give up midway. Also, it is essential that you manage to combine work and play, and still pay attention at lectures the day after. Those who practice binge-watching often experience the lack of concentration, so you might want to avoid sitting up late for a day or two.

Make sure you have food.

You will need a bag of popcorn with different flavors, a cup of tea and probably snacks, so you don’t feel hungry in the middle of the episode. You don’t like missing bits and catching up later, do you? Also, ensure your security at the dorm room so you won’t get disturbed during the marathon. Invite fellow students over to celebrate the beginning of the Netflix season!

Choose a place.

Of course, you can get the party started, so to say, in your student apartment, but does it guarantee you will be able to enjoy the show without people coming now and again and interfering with the process? You should pick a private area with good Wi-Fi connection and make sure it is not a crowded student hall. Spacious rooms are ideal for this kind of activity, so that you don’t sit in the stuffy block all the time. Air conditioning is also important, if it gets too hot or humid in your dorm apartment (this usually happens when larger audiences are involved).


Do the chores.

We advise you to manage the household stuff before you get down to watching, or you will be forced to hit pause every single second. Do the laundry, wash your clothes and clean the room before the show starts, so that you and your friends don’t feel uncomfortable because there are some urgent matters you need to attend to.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Do not opt for a luxury outfit if you know it’s going to be stained anyway. The sweatpants and cotton T shirts would be ideal. Also, it is good to grab a blanket or two if you get cold or if you cannot control the temperature in the room. You don’t want to be distracted when the first season is on air, right?

Do research.

If you don’t know what’s cool right now, read the viewers’ comments so you can get a picture of what to expect from the show. Go to the site’s homepage and devote some time to finding the series that have been on top of the charts lately. Sometimes, you can spot a show that’s in your line by simply adding it to your favorites, or it may be an unexpected strike of luck. Anyway, you have to do a bit of research before you actually immerse in the process. Don’t leave the selection till the final day – start your show hunt now.


Invite friends.

If you want to share the joy of discovering a new show together, you can ask fellow students to come over and bring some pizza. We are sure you will gather a good company for a binge watch session and a water cooler talk next morning. After all, TV programs are made for companies.

Press play.

Now is the time for action. All the preparations have been made, and there is no time to lose. Get comfortable, because we are about to start, and may this Netflix season be the best you ever had!