Main Education Marketing Trends

Want to be ahead of the curve in marketing, always? It is time you fill your head with new ideas, presumably securing your place in the business and helping you to maneuver between outdate content and obsolete trends.


Video for the win!

Finally, video goes big, and we couldn’t be happier. Do what you like, the statistics remain steady: there are more people watching content online, and 86% of colleges already have their YouTube channel. Experts predict the number to increase the following year while video consumption generally takes place on mobile phones.

With the Facebook’s live streaming app now open to the public, the availability of the online video services is going rocket high. YouTube also seeks ways of improvement, promoting the live stream options on that weird old channel people call television. Luckily, campuses are the best spots for live streaming. If there are no policies restricting free access to cameras in school and on residence, students can film clips in classes and lectures without a second thought. A day in the life of the famous campus personas is another surefire way to gain likes.


Experiences matter

Do you ever think of the end purpose of the social media like Instagram and Snapchat? They make people feel. If your college only exists in your followers’ heads, you will have a hard time promoting your channel. Show them the way you live and move around while on campus to share a real-world experience.

Experiential marketing means your fans don’t always have to be close, on school’s ground and cafeteria. It basically encourages the viewers to soak in the atmosphere without their actual presence. Experiential strategies are good for interviews, online classes and lecture halls, where live streaming is especially exciting.

Think about the school fair you can attend, and make it more than a single table and a speech. Show that you are as enthusiastic as the prospective students. Remember how people always talk about something that made an impression, and use a strategy to move their hearts and souls. It does not necessarily have to be something expensive, yet you will reach a better effect if you apply personalized approach.

Relevant content

We are used to customized websites and social experiences. Now, users expect more than generic approach, and demand the individual treatment for their pages. There’s only too much general information out there to keep the audiences interested, so you better be creative!

Personalizing does not mean including the product’s name into an e-mail exclusively and expecting your customers to accept the bait. It is a broad strategy that involves analyzing customers’ personal preferences.

You have to notice everything. Why do they visit your page? Do you have a sharp design to match the content? How can you optimize the search engine? These and other issues have to be solved without hesitation, as they help you understand the customers’ needs and wants.

You can try and personalize the headlines as the universal way to catch the customer’s attention. They shouldn’t be too tacky, though, as you have to keep the audience on the edge of their seats to continue promotion. Meanwhile, think of the way people collect information. As you process the data and make conclusions, new options that will assist you with the advertising, appear.

If you don’t want your content to be known as confusing and misdirected, use our tips to promote it in all the right ways, and your business will go viral within days, otherwise you will have to start from the very basics of marketing strategies, which is an option you don’t always have the time for.


The Snapchat madness

Everyone knows about Snapchat, right? We won’t take your time explaining the phenomenon to the public as the terms can be found online. Social media platforms gradually take over the Internet. In the age of shares, likes and reposts, you have to stay ahead of the curve.

Take advantage of Snapchat by initiating your own Scavenger hunt as a version of Pokémon Go!

When your followers want you to take them around the campus, turn it into a digital tour, where they have to find clues, hidden in the backyard and explore the school’s grounds on their own. It will be highly relevant, especially if they are planning to visit your school one day or another. In other cases, live streaming on residence is a steady option, which allows you to maintain communication with the audience without sharing too much at once.

You can also use Snapchat as a channel and promote school ambassadors that have been popular on Instagram and Twitter. Just like Instagram, Snapchat uses hashtags to find the right personas and advertise a channel. This way, your Snapchat content will be found by the potential users and you will definitely catch the wave.