5 important benefits of music education

The importance of music is extremely overlooked in our essay on education system and now we want to tell our students about it below. Mainly, it is because not everyone has an inborn talent to sing, play an instrument or create music. However, it is slightly unfair, as, for instance, sport or mathematics might not be the strong sides of the child either.



Nevertheless, the attention which is paid to being good at sport or math is impressive. Here is the list of aspects that can prove the importance of introducing music into any person’s life from the very early age.

Positive effect on general development

It is proved that learning music develops not only skills connected to music but facilitates the overall development of a child. During singing, listening or playing an instrument a child uses and trains voice, ears and muscles, i.e. multiple skill sets are involved and developed. It is a stimulating and creative activity which brings the best in the child. It also prepares a young person for a more formal learning. The earlier music is introduced to the child, the higher possibility for a little person to excel in further life.

Improvements in language learning

When a child grows up in the environment which is full of music, it is beneficial for the development of the language. Naturally, music helps a person to perceive sounds and words and improve natural abilities to hear and reproduce audio information. Furthermore, it is also scientifically proven that the musical training develops the left side of the brain which is responsible for the language actions.


Musical training and IQ

There were multiple studies held to prove that the regular voice and piano lessons positively influence on the IQ. It was stated that the brain works harder and differently (better) compared to a person who has a rare musical experience. When, for example, you play an instrument, you are using more of your brain, so the neural activity gets higher and your brain becomes “sharper”.

Influence on the academic performance

According to the survey, which was held in 2007 by Christopher Johnson, professor of music education and music therapy at the University of Kansas, students with enhanced music training had better academic results than students who did not have high-quality music programs. What is remarkable is that the test scores were high both in English and in math.


Getting to know yourself by means of music

When you start to actively introduce music into your life, be it singing or playing an instrument, you get to know more about yourself. You reach new horizons as you learn how to express yourself. You learn new skills which, perhaps, you did not even know about. You learn to be disciplined and learn to appreciate beauty not only of music but of the world in general.

Music training will not make your child (or yourself) instantly smarter; however, the skills that you will gain while diving into musical experience can be significantly enhanced. If you have been considering to start some music training but still haven’t done so, please do. Besides natural aesthetic and invigorating experience, music will brighten up your life and will definitely show you how great you can be.