Being an introvert

While some of you may consider introverted people to be sort of isolated, we are here to learn the truth.


In order not to confuse selective social preferences with deliberate coldness, we’ve managed to find typical characteristics, attributed to introverts, and analyze them:

Introverts are thinkers

It doesn’t mean introverts cannot enjoy an occasional chit-chat or a small talk that touches light substances, it’s just that they prefer deeper, meaningful conversations, and love writing letters and essays.

However, if an introvert sees you are in the mood for the town gossip, you may find yourself in a favorable situation: they are excellent listeners and will allow you to spill it all out when you need it the most. In other cases, be prepared to talk about life, ideas and Universe, just like introverts like it.

Introverts have a strange relationship with their phones

It is kind of love-hate. They enjoy conversations with people, but if they happen constantly without them meeting a person face to face, that might become a problem, because an introvert prefers to see people’s reactions rather than guess emotions on the phone, so if they have a chance for a deeper, more intimate communication, be sure they would take it.


Introverts and crowds don’t match

If you are an introvert, any thought of a social event that involves a lot of people, like a concert, a rally or a music festival, drives them mad and causes silent panic as if they have ‘help me’ signs attached all over them. They can be around people from time to time, but generally, a true introvert feels best surrounded by a close circle of friends with minimum of distractions and quiet music.

Introverts find it hard to meet other people

When they know they are going to be present at the party with new guests around, they find it hard to focus. Communicating with someone they don’t know is a huge stress for introverts, as they have to give away energy they planned on spending otherwise. However, if you tell them to concentrate and make an impression, be sure they will do what you say, as they are good listeners and never mind interviewing people just so they don’t have to talk themselves.

Introverts are good at making speeches

Just because they prefer to stay away from big gatherings, introverts are not necessarily a disaster at social meetings. They can deliver heartfelt speeches and praises and you know it comes from their heart as they do it sincerely. However, if you invite them to the networking event right after the party, where you have to meet people and socialize constantly, they might not be in the mood to go.


Introverts can be the heart and the soul of the company, once in a blue moon

They love to make an impression once in a while, and don’t mind an occasional social event, as long as it happens once a month, so they can completely recharge their batteries and get ready for another round.

Introverts love detail

Introverts are very mindful of what is going on around them and notice things you might not have a slightest idea about, so generally, people don’t mind having them close, as they act like an emotionally charged radar any time there is an exciting conversation happening. They may be good at psychology and predict a person’s reaction by the way their bodies move or the expressions on their face.

Introverts are creative

As they consume information and analyze it when they are alone, introverts are always full of ideas they turn into art, and that’s by far one of the best features they can offer to people around them.