New School Year Starting with The Motivation and Enthusiasm

Great teachers are those who are able to teach children how to think not what exactly to think. It can be really difficult sometimes to explain everything in a correct way so that everything was understood in a correct way. So, a great responsibility is on teachers and our Darwin team, you can also buy an essay on a topic like this.


Actually education does not have to take place in an ordinary classroom as schools teach children how to live. Times have changed and the methods as well. Students are now excited to get information is some other interesting and motivational ways.

Children are looking forward to start their new school year in a new atmosphere and in the classrooms decorated in some new styles. Teachers around the world trying their best to change something and give a new look their classrooms, updating them and decorating in trendy ways.

In general, redesigned classrooms are aimed to stimulate students` minds and activity. They should feel full comfort while studying in newly-decorated classrooms. The atmosphere there should only add enthusiasm to the process of learning.

The first thing the majority of teachers pay attention to is the seats organization. They all now know the term of “flexible seating system”. It shouldn’t be just row formation, where students sit one behind another. A good option will be to form a circle. It will help to create a friendly atmosphere in the classroom where everybody sees each other having equal opportunities and possibilities. Among the benefits of such formation are also the increased motivation and engagement.

Of course, not all schools have extra money to rearrange everything. Still, everything depends on teachers` imagination. For example, there are lots of discount chain stores where different arts and crafts supplies can be bought. Let`s take some small colorful pillows. They can be used for study corners near the bookshelf where interesting books are kept. This comfortable place can be used by children to have some rest while breaks, it can also contribute greatly to the connection between student and teacher while having a conversation.

A good thing is also to buy some posters with motivational words, or if it is possible – just to paint those words on the wall. The room should be pained in some light colors to create the atmosphere of peace and effective work. Having photos of all students is also a great idea. Don’t forget about plants. It is not only beautiful but useful in keeping the room fresh.

Technologies are now essential part of any educational process. It would be more interesting for students to learn something with the help of some presentations and items they can touch and see in real life. So, teachers should pay great attention to it as well.

The most important thing while preparing a classroom for new school year is to create welcoming atmosphere for students that will inspire them to work harder and feel better. Just add some spark to the classroom.