Top 10 Smartphones for Students of all Times

Usually students are interested in new technologies, so they want to use cutting-edge smartphones during their studies but we found some old and even acient models of smartphones. These times, many of us thankful for exams and we used to cheat off with our smartphone friends.


We have a great and funny falsback comeand join to our Darwin discussion. They have a wide range of functions and may be customized to the individual’s taste. Improvements are done every day, but the next smartphones are the choice of many. Keep reading to learn why.

Samsung Galaxy S5

It keeps its position in the ranking of best smartphones for students beginning with May 2014. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a wide screen (5.1 inches) which is HD. This quality makes it perfect for watching videos and movies. It also has an impressive 16-megapixel camera and security measures with a fingerprint scan.

LG Vu CU920

It has a wide screen and 2-pixel camera for taking good photos. The price is not too high for such good sound and display. So that it is great for listening to music and watching videos.

iPhone 5S

iPhones are popular among college students so that iPhone 5S is the bestselling phone. It has a decent screen of 4 inches and great display features for an enjoyable experience with videos and movie. The camera is not so great as in some other smartphones, but it takes photos pretty good. There is an 8-pixel camera on the back and 1.2-pixeled front camera. It has top notch iOS 7 system that offers a lot of opportunities to iPhone owners.

BlackBerry Curve 8900

It has great design and a 3.2-megapixel camera for enjoyable photos. It offers cutting-edge HTML browser, great MP3 player and GPS navigation.


Google Nexus 5

This is a great gadget for students of college and university. It offers a 4.95-inch screen with the perfect display, which allows to its owners to watch best videos on YouTube and movies on Netflix. There is an 8-pixel camera with a variety of editing option to fast and convenient photo upload on Instagram and Facebook. It has fast KitKat Android system, which works without a hitch, which is great because of college students and always on the go.

LG enV Touch

Budget phone with a wide screen, 3.2-megapixel camera. It offers enjoyable Internet surfing with HTML browser, stylish music player and a variety of other functions. It has a 3-inch display and virtual QWERTY for fast massaging.

HTC One M8

Although this smartphone I not a best-seller, but it has a great look and impressive performing abilities. It is made of metal and looks more expensive in comparison to competitors. 5-inch display and high resolution give impressive pictures. A lot of its features may be excessed with motion gestures, and the 8-pixel camera takes incredible photos.

Motorola Rival A455

It has a great touch screen for easy and fast access to numerous apps and back lit QWERTY for enjoyable massaging. 2.0- megapixel camera and camcorder give nice photos and hand-free functions make using of Motorola Rival A455 extremely convenient.


Motorola Moto G

It is a budget variant for those, who want to have a great smartphone. It has 4.5-inch display and 5-pixel camera with an opportunity to record videos in slow motion. Tap to focus feature and 4x zoom is perfect for those students, who enjoy taking photos all day long. It has a wide variety of colors and gives the possibility to choose between 8 GB and 16 GB versions.

LG Xenon

It has a touch screen, slide out QWERTY keyboard and a 2-megapixel camera. These features are combined with easy video sharing, Bluetooth 2.0 and free-hands options, and they altogether create the wonderful user experience.