Shoe design. Creating shoe fashion

There are several options you can start with when trying to design shoes. Of course, there are universal tricks, but the ones we are going to talk about today can be applied to any fashion industry. The main secret? Blaze your own path and don’t forget to harness your energy in the right direction. For our girls clients we create topics about clothes design and fashion, writing essays about street fashion and popular look books, vlogs and fashion blogs.


Learn to draw

The first step any future designer takes in the profession is the ability to draw. If you think that old-fashioned sketches are no longer popular on the market, think again. Even those, who went to the Arts and Design college, know the importance of a good blueprint.

It defines your future work and determines the course of style you want to follow. Another useful tip would be taking advantage of the various designs that are available online. We are not saying you should mindlessly copy everything that is on display, but in some ways, it is the only right path you can take when you are out of ideas and need inspiration.

Go and study

This may sound a little strange for a start, especially if you think that your basic education is enough to become a shoe designer, but that’s how all good things were created. In college, you will probably meet a bunch of people who are going to challenge you and help you discover the new horizons. On top of that, you will be able to develop your creative talents and pay more attention to drawing and sketches, which is important, if you want to create blueprints yourself later.


Make sketches

Drawing and designing play a crucial part in shoe fashion, but being able to make sketches is another talent you can use to become a shoe designer. You see, the main difference between a design and a sketch is that the first one is more about a fantasy.

It’s like art: you create it on paper and then try to persuade everyone this can be possible in real life. With sketches, you learn how to develop the already made concept and then apply it to the real situation. You don’t have to use your designing talents a lot – on the contrary, what you are showing others is the capacity to expand the initial drawing and make it better by adding a detail here and there.

Find a teacher

To create rendering that will catch the attention of the public, you will have to find yourself a design mentor. A design mentor is a person you can rely upon every time you make a sketch, and we can surely say we aren’t going to get very far without a good one.

However, do not expect people to open doors before you and tell you the world is your oyster when you know little about art and footwear design. You have to learn who is who independently, and then provide your mentors with a clear view on the matter. Success comes in various shapes and forms, and art industry is not an exception: there is no gain without dedication.


Start with Adobe

There are many programs that can help you with your shoe design, but we would say that Adobe is the one that is going to get you far in the footwear industry. It is perfect for novice designers and is aimed to assist you with the right coloring and proportions. There is nothing mind-blowing or confusing about installing it, and there are famous shoe designers who admit they still utilize Adobe for inspiration and creative ideas.

Know the classics

To become a well-read individual and a real expert in shoe fashion and design, you should know about the origins of a shoe. Study the Renaissance paintings and read books on the shoe industry that are in abundance. If you don’t know where to direct your efforts, you can always stick with the traditional design and stand on the shoulders on the fashion titans that were before you.