The Face of a Library

What was the last time you have beet to a library? If you are not a student or a professor it might be quite a long time ago. Though you should still remember how it looks like: nice racks with shiny glance books in hard and soft covers, computer desks and comfortable software for librarians to navigate around the library. However, the library hasn’t always looked like this. The evolution of the library is pretty surprising and it has got it greatest boost with the development of the computers. Right now, libraries, together with the books they hold, live through the digital era and great innovations. One may argue that the spirit of library and the life of books are on the way to extinction. We cannot agree with it, with the books being more popular to read in the digital format, yet.


It doesn’t matter whether the book is on the E-reader or you are actually feeling the pages, the most important thing – the information it delivers – will reach the reader no matter the format of its delivery.

A Book as an Artifact

On the other hand, a book should be considered not only as a literature great achievement but as a époque’s visual art treasure. It probable concerns mainly the old books, as they were written by hand and decorated with marvelous paintings, sketches and even engravings. This all make the book a fabulous place to discover the nation history and traditions not only by means of its content but though studying the history of the book itself. One of the greatest books about the world of the writing, the history behind books and the libraries is The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders by Stuart Kells. This book is a fascinating guide into the world of the library history, unbelievable and engaging fact. For the author the book is an art invention that hides a great story behind the pages.


The technological evolution

The shadow past of rare books, manuscripts and destroyed, lost in time libraries are magnificent topics for research. Though, their history continues. Nowadays libraries play a great, vital role in the life of society, way beyond its regular function. With the help of technology amazing ancient works of art and word are now easier to reach by the public. Libraries are following the step of technology progress: anyone, almost anywhere on Earth, can view and read stunning works of old masters with the help of the Internet. Digital copies of the books allow reading no matter where you are. Moreover, there’s no need to wait till the morning, when the library opens to finish your essay. It is easy to get all necessary information in the Net. With the help of technology, the libraries are at the doorstep of the new stage in their evolution. They can become truly accessible, open and free to public.


The library is now the place for student collaboration, work and progress. The revolution is not coming – it is already here, changing the world of the books and knowledge for better. And soon there will be a new page in Kell’s book on library wonders….