Bagan, a dream travel

Burma is a place you can only think of as a dream destination. Its spiritual culture has a lot to offer even to the crankiest of tourists, and the local cuisine seems too good to be true, if you are a fan of exotic delicacies.


If you are ready to take the trip into the world of the unknown and see wonders you never knew existed, travelling to Bagan would be the right choice.

Besides, the setting is truly charming and you get to meet the locals, which are the friendliest on the planet, according to the tourist reviews. On the plain of Bagan, you can see temples rising. The site is almost grotesque, yet it attracts the eye of an unsophisticated traveler with its silent, sullen beauty. The colors are varied, starting from the hazy, lazy orange on the horizon and the melting blue when the sun goes down. If you have never been to Bagan, we think it is high time you reconsider your travelling priorities:

Time to visit

For your information, Bagan is a hotspot most of the year, yet the best time to visit ranges between November and February. We would not recommend planning a trip in summer, because the sun is scorching and the heat is unbearable. If you are a fan of humidity and overall hotness, then there is a place for you in the month of July. The traveler’s guide, however, suggests waiting for the fall.

How to travel

Burma is not the safest region for travelling, and that does not include disappointing infrastructure, poor economy and mobile connection. If you wish to keep in touch with your relatives and friends, we would highly recommend the package tour. In case you book early, you have your security and safety guaranteed by the company, which has been working in Burma for an impressive amount of time already.


Bagan, on the other hand, has gladly welcomed tourists from around the world during the recent years, so there is relative safety and privacy ensured in this area. You cannot rely on independent travel alone, though, as most of the agencies have experience in the sphere and can lead you through the hardships and hazards of the Asian booking.

Package tours

Package tours usually include going to Bagan by air, and that is entirely satisfying, as we can name a few people who confirm that the sights are amazing. On the other hand, there is always a possibility to book the combined tour, which may involve travelling to the temples by river, or a balloon trip, that is, according to the reviews, a journey to remember and a surreal experience.

Either way, you can choose what’s best for you and stick to the plan as you think of your itinerary upon arrival. Companies are usually glad to assist the newcomers and are always willing to show you the best sites once you ask them about the most breathtaking views.


Independent travel

If the options above don’t seem satisfying, you can always opt for a tour that is going to be planned independently. Invite friends to ensure the security level and make reservations beforehand, as Burma is a popular destination from November to February.

This way, you can be your own guide, but get prepared to do all the hard work by yourself.

The government of the country has specific rules and restrictions, referring to the tourist policy and can coordinate your actions once you arrive. This should not prevent you from travelling to Bagan, however, as we all know that it’s worth the effort.