Top 10 Breathtaking Libraries Around the Globe!

A library is not only a place to read books and study, it is also a cultural center and place to have a rest, as it is always quiet there and It is far more enjoyable to read books in an amazing building, which will give you aesthetic pleasure. Here we have the list of most wonderful libraries in different countries around the world. Keep reading and enjoy our brilliant blog!


Clementium in Prague

This amazing Library hall impresses visitors with baroque style and frescos on the ceiling, which depict the scenes of art and science. The building of this place started in 1622 and there was only one book back then. Now, there are more than 20,000 books, and some of them even date back to the Jesuits time.

The Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark

This is remarkable building, which is also known as Black Diamond. It was built in 1999 as an addition to the Royal Library. Apart from the library itself, it contains concert hall and café. The Royal Library is made of glass, combined with black granite.

George Peabody Library in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful college libraries in the USA. It has wrought-iron balconies combined with colons. It looks so gorgeous that weddings and special events are held here. In addition to that, this library contains original volumes of 18th and 19th century books on history, archeology, literature, and science.


Library of Congress in Washington

The previous library of Congress was burned in 1814. That is when Thomas Jefferson built a new one, and he added his collection of books to it. The statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess, stands at the entrance to the main reading hall, greeting everybody.

Central Library of Vancouver in Canada

This building looks like a modern coliseum, which has become both a place to read and study and gathering point of locals. There are numerous cafes and shops at the entrance. Reading and study places are connected with bridges, which make this library looks incredible.

Musashino Art University Museum and Library in Tokyo

This place is a testament to the power of books. Art Museum and Library is made of wood and glass walls for everybody to feel the books’ influence on this world. Even stairs there have built-in shelves, though they are currently empty.

Marciana Library in Venice

This library depicts the beauty of Renaissance art in the modern world. Building started in 1537 and continued for more than fifty years. There are approximately 750,000 books, about 25,000 prints, and more than 12,000 manuscripts.

Stuttgart City Library in Germany

It may seem to be just a monolithic building in the shape of the cube at the first sight, although it is far more original. Its interior is made in all white, and the reading room is 5-story one, designed in a form of upside down pyramid.


Library of Birmingham in the UK

This library consists of four rectangular blocks, and each of them is smaller than the previous one to leave space for terraces. The most interesting part is Shakespearean Memorial room made of wood.

Connemara Public Library in India

This complex, which consists of a library, art gallery, and theater was created in 1898. It stores all books, periodicals, newspapers etc. which were published in India. Moreover, it continues to receive new copies. It is round buildings with wonderfully decorated ceiling, opaque balconies and glass windows.