Best Apps on Android or iPhone for Education

Education is a broad category in app stores, so that you can always find something interesting for yourself. Here are some of the most popular apps for students that you can find on our Darwin blog.


Ready4 SAT

This free app is great for preparation to SAT exams. It does not only help you to remember the answers to the questions, but also teaches you basic tips for taking such exam, and gives you important material to remember.


It is useful for high school students, who do not have deep knowledge in math and need help doing homework. All need to do is to take a photo of your question or type it, and the app will give you detailed solution with explanations.


This app will help students to improve their writing skills. It will show you the problematic issues with style, originality, and structure, and also give you some advice how to improve your writing style. The app is free, but you need to subscribe for $10 per month to have the premium access.



This app gives an opportunity to study at most famous universities of the world. You can have access to lectures, puzzles, tests and study at your own path. Most of them are absolutely free, but some of them demand extra fees.

My Study Life

It is one of the best student’s calendars for them to be always ready with the task. You can create your personal schedule and agenda to make sure you do not miss anything important. What is more, this free app will also send you a reminder when the deadline is close.


There is also a desktop and mobile versions of this application. Both of them are designed as PDF book with a possibility to search in it. So that you can find and highlight needed information for your academic paper on your device, and it will be synchronized with the desktop version.

Periodic Table

This is an interactive Periodic with different additional information for you to understand the element and learn more about it. They are made in the form of videos and podcasts for different levels. All you need is to choose your level of education in chemistry, and it will show you the appropriate information for you.


This app is great opportunity to study in the competition. There are a lot of flashcards, quizzes, and test created by different users of this app. You can take some of them and try to beat their score to be on the top. You can also create your own tasks if you want



This organization makes you think with talks of interesting people. This app gives you the complete access to all TED talk, news, and articles on a variety of themes, such as psychology, education, math, engineering, medicine, health etc.

Khan Academy

This organization provides people with free downloadable videos and educational courses on a variety of subjects. Thus you can study what you like and how you like. Just register in this app and get an access to completely free online education.


This app has everything a student may need. You can make notes, take photos, record with its help.


This app allows you to take note in organized order. You have a chance to make remarks on any school subject. You can also load documents, sketch ideas and even sign contracts.