8 Signs you are a visual an arts major

You will most likely find something in our list that can be attributed to either you or your friends, enrolled in the arts course. Our team tried a lot to make life of our students interesting and colourful – join now and follow our recommendations, trying to be the best with DarwinEssayNet!


You love everything that is related to art.

From doodles that you draw absent-mindedly in class to a painting of your favorite artist, you indulge in art like some people indulge in getting late or procrastinating. It is your essence of life, and you know beauty when you see one, though it may go against popular opinion or mainstream taste.

You are never satisfied.

You are always searching for something, and it seems this game is endless. Once you finish the assignment, you start rereading it and editing along the way, so you get a brand new paper in the end. That’s what art majors do on a daily basis, because they are their own worst critics and judges.

You buy art supplies.

You can compromise on clothing and dorm facilities, but you will never deny yourself a pleasure of buying another pencil or a paintbrush. You will immediately recognize an art student: they are bending to the ground under the weight of all they bought in the local artist’s shop, and they seem pleased as punch despite they probably don’t have money to pay off their loans next semester. It’s like a passion that requires all your strength and effort, and financial investments as well. Arts majors often forget about basic things, because they are carried away by the sight of all the goods available. They cannot go past a new paint, and they know it.

You feel like you are the only one studying art.

Believe us, arts majors are rare kinds of birds. They cannot be found at the parties, where business students flock in abundance, and they almost never attend socials. But when you finally spot someone who shares the same ideas as you do, it is a great relief. You can have deep, meaningful conversations about anything in the world that is largely or mostly related to your favorite subject, and be happy.

You will get into fights defending your craft.

You often meet people who try to prove the usefulness of art and ask questions about your future profession. For their record, art is not about lines – it is so much deeper than that! And you know you got into a serious argument when your friends are trying to calm you down. We advise you to relax and take a deep breath: it’s totally okay if someone doesn’t appreciate your point of view, but it doesn’t mean you have to adopt their outlook. Only if you feel like their opinions are something you are forced to accept, you know there is going to be an uproar.

You prefer to think rather than act.

You are more of a thinker than a doer, and you tend to dwell on the subject again and again, looking at it from different points of view and pondering on your impressions throughout the day. People often tell you there is this strange, detached look on your face, but that’s not because you don’t care – you are simply too immersed in the thinking process to be listening.

You make everything stand out.

If you have a project on schedule that requires minimal effort, you will probably sit up late to make it perfect. If you have an assignment that involves little creativity, you will still find a way to add colors to the structure. But don’t worry if it takes you time to do tasks others find easy – it doesn’t mean you are slow, it means you are deep.

You are very emotional.

Though you may not show it, you are really expressive about things, and what you lack in words, you make up in paintings. Your friends will probably say you are a very sensitive person, who cares deeply about other people’s feelings and finds comfort in creation.