The Best 10 Blog WordPress Themes

When bloggers choose WordPress as their website management system, they have the choice of a huge number of appealing themes. Choosing one that matches the style of the blog or website is key, but there are some that have been preferred for their layout and design. The following list is a compilation of the best WordPress themes specially with blogs in mind was made by essay writing service.

The Themes

Divi – This new theme is one that seems to have no boundaries. The multipurpose nature of the theme means that there are countless layouts and feature possibilities. This theme has the tech support, the power, the design options and the simplicity that make it one of the best WordPress themes overall.


Klaus – This theme is mainly chosen and operated as a personal blog option. This theme allows for more individuality and boldness. There is potential for more than just a blog but slideshows, images and graphics as well. The versatility of this theme means users can make it as simple or as busy as they would like without compromising the quality of the site’s appearance.

Slick – This is an easily adaptable theme for whatever work you plan to host on it. Though it is only a one-page theme, it is highly effective, aesthetically appealing and user-friendly.

Vernum – This is a theme that puts the focus on the content that is featured. This makes it perfect for blogging of all sorts. The layout is clear, and the theme is easy for users to manipulate.


Lucid – This is one of the Elegant Themes with incredibly helpful tech support that is always on standby, ready to help.

Corner – This sleek and modern theme has a clean feel that makes it easy to access the content added by the user. This theme was designed specifically for personal blogs because there is nowhere for the content to hide in the simple design. This theme is very versatile so it can be made to suit the style of any blog.

Milo – This theme has the feel of one that is used for a blog but can still be used for a wider variety of content like a portfolio, for example. The simple yet stylish design allows the content to be the focus.

Shiner – Shiner is a part of the BlingThemes. This is another simple theme that combines the single feature page as well as the scrolling potential. The flexibility and power that this theme allows makes it a great choice for those adding creative material.


Electra – This is a theme that would work perfectly for any creative project. The theme is flexible and is easy for users and those looking at the content to use and connect to. The visual aspects of this theme are unbeatable in their appeal and their design.

Magic – Magic is one of those themes with a bold look that works like a dream. The layout is easy to customize, which makes it perfect for personal projects like blogs. It is also especially good for this use because it comes with a counter that registers how many subscribers you have on Social Network.