The most demanded professions of the future

Students often wonder what they will do after college. They make up stories to impress their future employers. They go out of their ways to obtain desirable positions. Is it worth the trouble? Let’s look at the list of professions that will be most demanded in the future including essay writer as an example.

  1. Nurse practitioner. If you crave stability above all and cannot imagine your life without an income (some of us are not really into making money, actually), there is a job, fit for you. Medical field is for traditionalists and conservatives who want social security and (ironically) a medical insurance to match.futureprofession2

However, you should not forget you will have to study hard for that profession, and undergo years of practice to finally start working. Students may be delusional about the career perspectives, but we are here to prove you right: there is no gain without pain, and this phrase is worth remembering in case you have forgotten what you have been taught in college.


  1. Manager. For some of us, stress is a challenge. Students, who are not afraid of multitasking and working in a team, can try themselves in other surroundings, which are called managerial spheres. This area is largely invaded by recent graduates and you may undergo a lot of pressure on the way, but the results are going to be striking once you put some effort into it. It’s not that we advise you to rush for the administrative business, but the prospects are really cool once you make a step.
  2. Information analyst. This may sound like another dull, monotonous job that we encounter as we look through the ads online, but it is not how it seems. Information analysts are said to have access to the world’s most valuable resource, information, and they use it to their advantage whenever they can. If you hear that your neighbor is receiving a degree in that field, do not judge without thinking. Maybe, there is another Bill Gates marching to success beside you, and you can do the same!
  3. App developer. For people, who want a job to be well-paid and trendy, this is an ideal option. App developers are like bloggers: everybody loves them. They have to deal with coding on a daily basis, but that only enhances our attraction to them.

It seems like they are working at a magic place with all the techno advancements available at hand. We are not saying you should quit everything and rush for the apps. However, this option is gaining popularity due to its availability on the market. Anyone can become an app developer and be privy to the secrets of corporations like Apple.


  1. Market analyst. Math lovers, here is a chance for you. If you can’t live your life without numbers, it’s high time you put your essay aside and come with us. You will need a degree for this profession, and you will also have to devote some time to analyzing trends on the market.

The analysis will become your life, and you will even have a chance to go to Wall Street. However, this is not a job for the weak, as it involves much stress and commitment. You decide to dedicate your life to this kind of business, which means you will most likely have to accept the rules of the game, tough at times.