Nature is our future office!

Nowadays the most successful companies provide the trends for running shoes, sunlight tables and garages for bicycles only. And such kind of thinks are becoming more and more popular, and the simple answer to the question why all this is more popular than high-heeled shoes and cabinets, is that it`s good for business. Ask our essay writer to write unique essay on your topic,we also can help you with topic.


We do not operate with words only, we have also evidence which is the government-supported certification program. It`s created to make workers happier and healthier. Employers can monitor how office workplace influence their employees` well-being. This program is called Fitwel, and it`s aimed to prove that fitter workers can make to fitter companies.

Office design is important

If you think that the office you are working in isn`t important, then you are totally wrong. Leigh Stringer, a design specialist, says that office design influences the way we work, our success and performance. Its impact isn`t visible, still it plays not the least role.

Fitwel was tested in 89 companies for the last 5 years and it cooperates with 63 beneficial variables which influence employees` health and well-being. And each factor plays an important role. And one of the things the company can do for its workers is the outdoor experience. Fitwel score will increase if the company provides on-site gyms, bike garages but what is more, you are to encourage the people to spend more time outside between meetings, or even held some of them on a trail. In this case, your workers will be much healthier.


“Nature used to be our office for years and we have been working indoors for several centuries only. Beautiful landscapes and fresh air make us feel less stress. And it`s a benefit to have gardens or trials near your office,” says Stringer.

Unfortunately, not all offices are located near gardens, in such cases creating the nature atmosphere inside the building can be a great idea. Plant displays and water features can also have therapeutic influence on employees. It`s also good to have lactation rooms for nursing mothers, this will definitely decrease the absence for children caring.

Employees` health matters much

Lightning is also influential. Studies have proven that lights can impact workers mood and productivity. Bad lightning can disturb person`s rhythm. Stringer states, that lightning can influence people`s behavior in a room and their mood.


Fitwel is a chance to check how we interact with the workplace. Having healthy employees means to get closer to success. So this is what you should take care of.

You are to invest in the health of your employees and their well-being. In this case, your business will develop in the right way with success. If people feel comfortable at work, they will certainly do better and your business will develop. Be smart, work smart to achieve the highest results.