Motivational essay writing quotes

Quotation is a powerful weapon which can`t be used by everyone, only by those who are real masters of word. It`s important for every person who deals with education and science to write and speak nice. In addition, if you are a student to pass GRE, then quotes should worry you as well.

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While writing arguments in essay you sound more convincing if you support your opinion with the worlds of some famous person. In addition, you will get higher score as essays with quotes have bigger impact on the reader and show your intellect.

Still you have to master yourself, as you are allowed to use the quotes as they are and not paraphrase them as this will show not from a good side.

How to use quotes in an essay?

It`s not always easy to incorporate the quote into an essay. The quotations should be put in the right places and you shouldn`t overuse them.

Remember the roles which the quotes play in the essay to avoid the problems:

  • Makes an influence on the reader
  • Shows credibility
  • Makes your essay look more interesting and persuading
  • Supports your point of view

If the quote you are using doesn`t match any of the above-mentioned points, then you are using the quote for no purpose and you`d better don`t do that.

It`s a good idea to start your essay with a quotation which supports the main topic you are going to write on. You can also comment on this in the first paragraph.

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Can I change the structure of the quotation?

If you want to use the exact words from the original source, then it`s called quoting. If you just want to borrow the idea and don`t use the exact words, then it`s paraphrasing.

You can use both of these and they will play in your favor.

What about the number of quotes?

It`s good to know a lot of quotes, but still the essay should depict your own thoughts and ideas. You shouldn`t use many quotations as it may seem you write an essay from the point of view of famous people. Try to tell what you think and show your own point of view. It`s good to use 2 quotes for the whole essay, they should be well-aimed.

How to use the quote correctly?

It`s very important to introduce the quote in an appropriate way. Always mention the author, in another case, you will be accused of plagiarism, as if you try to say it`s your personal quote. Place the quote in double quotation marks.


Categories of GRE essay topics

It may sound crazy but all topics which will be offered during the examination are available right now on the official GRE website. But wait a minute! There are 200 of them! Quite a lot but you are not recommended to write all of them. You can just look through the topics and maintain the main points which you are going to dwell on.

And most of the topics which will be offered during GRE can be grouped into 5 categories:

  • Art
  • Education
  • Science and technology
  • Philosophy
  • Government/politics

So next time while practicing of essay writing, try to write at least one essay of each category, remember some arguments and quotes which can be useful. You can learn some of your favorite quotes. You can find the lists of quotes on official websites.

You are to feel when the usage of the quotation can bring you some bonuses.