Free Broadcasting Media, Online Archives and Open Educational Directories for Studying

Whatever you research, the success of your study depends on how thoroughly you gather the information on your subject. Online access to useful educational sources will help highlight the issue properly and validate the results of the survey.


Check out our list of platforms, portals and channels that are able to provide valuable information to any student anywhere in the world.

  • BBC Learning – A reputable educational platform where you can get a professional support in the learning process. The site offers a list of links to other online resources.
  • NOVA – The channel is sponsored by PBS and allows anyone to browse and watch various shows related to science free of charge.
  • American Memory – The Library of Congress is an open research source, which gives free access to the unique facts and details of many important historical events. It is the largest library in the world containing more than 155 million items. The opportunity to access valuable information electronically helps many scholars conduct their research regardless of their actual physical location.


  • The Rosetta Project – Here we have a result of the global collaboration of many native speakers and language experts who created a digital library of all documented human languages. The archive is accessible to anyone around the world free of charge and is aimed at preserving every language ever spoken.
  • Google Scholar – The search system offers an easy way to look for information in the documents, which are solely related to science and academic research. The robot checks many articles and documents of professional societies, universities, and repositories.
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium – This site is a global non-profit network of organizations and institutions. It represents the idea of open education and promotes international collaboration.


  • Self-Made Scholar Directory – This course directory simplifies the search of any text-based course providing the self-educated learners with the links to various college and university OpenCourseWare websites. Instead of browsing individual classes, try using this website to get directly to the course you’re interested in.
  • National Climatic Data Center – The NCDC monitors and assesses weather changes providing the public with the climate information. The archive includes daily extreme records and data related to global climate changes.
  • History Channel – The network allows viewers to watch full episodes of the series related to history. Besides videos, thousands of historical articles are freely available. The content is exclusive and you can access various shows free of charge.