Planning a Wedding on a College Budget

Nowadays, the approximate cost of wedding starts from several tens of thousands, and it’s not the highest price. For most students such large amounts are inaccessible to spend for a one day, but it doesn’t mean that engaged couple should forget about a fun and wonderful wedding party especialy when Darwin writers know how to make it bright.


You may use the fact of your being students to save some money, make your wedding day very unusual and just have unforgettable time. First of all, you should decide how much money you are able to spend, what things you want to see at the wedding ceremony primarily and what you are ready to give up on, and after that look for some solutions and alternatives.

When you are a student, you have a big opportunity to meet interesting people, make friends, visit different places and events, take part in competitions and enrich your experience; in other words, you’re in the heart of university life, so use that fact for the benefit of yourselves. Besides, we offer some useful ideas in what way you can save money on your wedding.

Ask help from people you know

This is what we said before; your relatives, friendships and acquaintances may be useful in that situation. No doubts, you will find a couple of creative and active people in your environment, which can help you themselves or, at least, advise the right people to contact. In most cases, you may be offered services with discounts or even for free, and you cannot but rejoice that fact.

Rely on yourselves

A huge amount of wedding budget is spent not on purchase, but on services, so this point is the best to save money. In your particular case, it’s better to forget about wedding agency, as it is too expensive, although its services include all dull and unpleasant work. To be honest, you have to work hard in order to organize everything in a proper way without professional assistance and not forget any details, but on the other hand, you can control every stage of wedding preparation be sure that all your desires will be realized. The earlier you begin to prepare, the better your wedding will be arranged and you won’t need to hurry.


Wedding venue and menu

If you are looking for a beautiful area for a reasonable price, you should pay attention to places outside the city, also don’t forget about the date of the wedding, because it influences the price greatly; Saturday is the most popular day. Moreover, some cafes and restaurants allow providing your own food and drinks, or, at least, you can agree on partial ordering food. For example, you can cook some appetizers and then order more complicated dishes in a restaurant or other food establishments. Beverages are the most expensive part of a banquet, remember it! So try to find a venue where bringing your own alcohol is allowed.

Wedding decor

It’s so easy to lose control and spend a lot of extra money if we are talking about decorations, flowers and centerpieces. The most appropriate way to save money on them is to make as much as possible decorations with your own hands. Your flowers bill also be can cut down, if you use creativity and think over what types of flowers to choose. A huge amount of wedding flower designs is available on the Internet, your bouquet may consist not only of fresh flowers, it’s possible to add some fallen leaves or dried berries, cones and branches of pine needles or other seasonal plants, everything depends when you are going to celebrate your wedding.


Attire for wedding

This element is extremely important, especially for the bride, who does her best to look stunning on that day. Prices for wedding dresses are pretty high, but shops often make season discounts and sales. Another way to save some money is to sew a wedding dress, it takes more time than buying, but it will be created just for you. An excellent way to save on makeup and hair, in case you aren’t ready to do it myself, is to go to a makeup artists and hairdressers school.  The situation with the groom is simpler, because wedding wear for men is cheaper and there are many alternatives to tuxedos.

Wedding music, photos and video

It is almost impossible to create wedding atmosphere without charming and wonderful melodies or quick-tempered dance rhythms. In addition, every married couple wants to have a keepsake to remember that important day. You are students, and finding talented musicians, photographer and videographer who only begin to build their career among other university students is quiet easy.