12 Offensive Words, Worth Being Back to Usage

There are a lot of words, which has been offensive at a certain period of time, but they are no longer in our everyday usage. Here are twelve most funny ones to our minds. Writers of Darwin Essay website found out about the meaning offensive words, now you can read about or order an essay from our service.



Most probably this word was derived from the word “scopperloit”, which means vocation or a break from work at one of old English dialects. Scobblelotcher is a person, who do not want to work hard and tries to avoid doing so.


Whiffle-Whaffle is someone, who wastes a lot of time doing nothing useful. How do you think are there a lot of whiffle-whaffle people in our society?


Zooterkins is a popular word to express offense, and it was widely used in the 17th century. It is not so much an offensive word, as a work to yell at somebody, who tries to insult you.


If calling somebody an idiot sounds too shallow for you, you can always use a Victorian word “zounderkite” to say that somebody is stupid. Imagine you are on a highway, and somebody cuts you off, that is a high time to call him zounderkite.


This word was used in Shakespearian times for an adulterer, but BBC considers it to be a great name for a singing band, and they are absolutely right. I would go to the concert of a band with such a name, and would you?



If somebody is getting on your nerves, remember that he or she is just little fopdoodle, and you will feel much better. A long time ago fopdoodle was an insulting word if you wanted to call somebody a person of little significance.


You definitely have an acquaintance, who always speaks extremely loudly… no, even not speaks….shouts so loudly that it can’t help irritating you. So, you should know that you can call this person KLAZOMANIAC.


Stamscrab is another good name for a music band, but this word meant a person, who is extremely clumsy and heavy of food. Why don’t start calling such people stamscrabs again?


There is a snoutband in every group of people, even if you do not know about that. Of course, there is always a person to interrupt you and correct you when you are speaking, because that snoutband thinks that he or she knows everything in the world.


Another person, which is in every company, along with a snoutband, is gnashnab. Can you guess who is that person? Exactly! Gnashnab is somebody, who is always complaining and irritates people with his or her complaints. There is also a couple of interesting synonyms, Including moaner, nitpicker, and grumbler.



This guy can continue the list of people, which you can find around yourself. Thus, meet a person, who always wants to meddle in somebody else’s business. Do you know such people? If not, then maybe it is you?


Finally, you have definitely met a person, who has been to different countries, and he or she complains about this all the time. Do you know how they were called in times of Laurence Sterne? Exactly! These were smellfunguses. This word was first used in a book about Tristram Shandy, meaning a whiny traveler.