Does our modern education need any improvement?

Christine Gregoire, a famous American politician and lawyer, said that “education is the foundation upon which we build our future”. Education cultivates a skilled workforce, prepares children and young people for citizenship, teaches cultural literacy and helps students compete on the global marketplace. Undoubtedly, modern digital education is more interesting for today`s pupils and students than education in the classic form. However, modern education also carries certain threats.


There is a perception among some politicians and economists that education today will definitely help students make a living but it does little to help them make a life. So, let`s define the positive and negative aspects of modern education that will help us think of the things that should be changed immediately.

The positive aspects of modern education

Technology changes the way we communicate, consume, innovate, create, teach and learn. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine education that is not aided with a variety of technological tools. Technology makes classes more interesting because students can study various subjects by using interactive software. Internet gives students the opportunity to be aware of all real issues that are related to the topic of their lesson. Students can create their own Web pages, online groups and virtual communities to share opinions, solve interesting problems and make friend all around the world. What is more, technology-based activities require students to use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Teachers can take advantage of various teaching aids and materials which are crucial for successful teaching-learning process. Teaching aids help educators motivate their students, make learning permanent, create the environment of interest and provide direct experience.



Modern teachers understand that teaching isn`t just about learning the curriculum – it`s about life skills. Nowadays, educational establishments hire those teachers that are competent in not only basic skills, but new skill sets. Modern teacher should be interested in new educational apps, electronic devices and teaching techniques. He or she should be also able to manage online reputation that is to be a member of different social networks.

The negative aspects of modern education

The main disadvantage is that students can become too reliant on computers.  There are a lot of children who just use computer to do all the tasks for them instead of trying to learn and understand how to perform them on their own. It is said that schools technology had raised “too many false hopes”.  According to a global study from the OECD, classroom technology and school computers do not improve pupil`s performance. U.K. Telegraph has stated that children of the digital age are even unable to read the traditional ‘big-hand-is-on-the-12” style wall clocks, so British schools have decide to remove them from testing halls.


Children are fed up with knowledge and facts. They are not taught to distinguish what is really worth reading and learning. They are not given enough time for self-education. The most astonishing fact is that homework tutorials are gaining their popularity. Children are not able to do their extremely difficult homework.  A lot of students tend to give up on their studies because of the extremely difficult syllabus and fear of assessment. Furthermore, students easily succumb to such distractions as smart phones, social networks and digital gaming. The evaluation of knowledge through examinations is another disadvantage of modern education because it creates an unhealthy competition among student.

There is another issue – modern education eliminates some important cultural beliefs and values. Traditional education laid the stress on teaching customs, traditions and religious while modern education pays attention to skills that are required from people at the present time.