In the Darwin’s footsteps

Follow the article if you want to know not only the names of all popular sneakers but the history of them. You will surely impress your mates telling them how yours and their favourite trainers got their names! Let’s foollow in famous sport shoes brends in footsteps with custom writing.



The company is English and originally it was part of J.W. Foster & Sons that was found back in 1895. However, in 1958, the owner of the company decided to create a line of offshoot athletic shoes. He was searching for a name and finally he found rhebok – speedy African antelope. He thought that it can be a good comparison with prospective customers, who want to run as fast as the animal. Eventually, he decided to leave the name Reebok because the dictionary where he found the word was a South African edition. So, the owner had to leave an English version.


Did you know that some people think that Adidas name means “All day I dream about soccer”?  However, the explanation is much shorted and simpler. It stands for Adi Dassler, the German businessman, who invented the company in 1949. Before starting his own company, Dassler was involved in the shoe business with his brother. However, his brother was creative enough to invent Puma. As you see, from this one story, you found out about two sport shoe companies. One of the most recognized models from Adidas is Stan Smith. It is a real footwear icon and it was named after a tennis player Stan Smith.



Puma Clyde

Puma is another classic sport shoe company. When a famous former basketball player Walt Frazier asked the company to make shoes wider and more comfortable for him in 1973, the company was happy to create a good pair of shoes for a world-famous sportsman. The company decided to give a new pair of trainers the name Clyde as long as the basketball player was dressing like a famous bank robber Clyde Barrow. Since then, Walt Frazier nickname was Clyde. This is another interesting history of shoes that you should share with your mates.


Nike was named after the Greek goddess of victory. Actually, a new pair of Darwin’s is a great choice for you. They look very modern and they are extremely light. They have a wonderful performance. These sneakers are crafted with a sleek mesh upper and built-in dynamic Flywire cables for flexible and locked-down comfort. The trainers were named after the would-known scientist Darwin.


All Star

You probably know that All Star famous shoes are from Converse company. They appeared in 1917. The company had a hard time as long as they were trying to market their basketball shoes. They needed a talented salesman, who would help them to promote shoes for rubber-soled athletic kicks. He joined the company in 1921 and started creating famous sneakers.


As many Brooks’ customers, you have probably thought that the company was named after Mr. Brooks, however, the name of the company’s founder is Morris Goldenberg and he invented the brand in 1914. More than 100 years ago! He decided to take his wife’s maiden name and use it for the company. Brooks footwear was endorsed by the world champion Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979.

Do not forget that showing good results at university requires a good health. You have to eat healthy food and do sport. 30 minutes or running outside will give you a boost and make you feel much better about writing academic papers. So, choose the company and the shoes that you like and have a good run!