Top 10 Quality Podcast Episodes Worth Watching


No matter whether you are a podcast fan or a simple man wanting to enjoy his free time – this list is right for you. Have a look at 10 popular podcast episodes for now and choose your favorite. Here in our blog we discuss different issues but if you have any questions or want to add anything you can easily have resourse to Darwin essay help writers team.

01 – Beautiful stories from anonymous people – Ron Paul’s Baby 

“The Chris Gethard Show” is known as one of the most interesting and unusual TV shows. Making a Gethard-hosted podcast was a great idea, because it attracted many people with its honesty and openness. Any person can make a call and ask anything, even the trickiest and most intimate question. Within an hour Gethard answers to the questions and leads a discussion with strangers on different subjects. A key point is that he cannot hang up until the phone line closes.

02 – EmbeddedThe House

Kelly McEvers and her team try to help society understand the essential life values using her unique show. They travel around a lot and explore different cross-sections of communities. It results in distinguishing several people compared to others and show their identities. Do not miss the latest premiere episode where the team of Kelly McEvers visits the residents of a shared home in Austin, Indiana.

03 – I Was There Too – Raiders of the Lost Ark with Martin Casella

Matt Gourley conducts interviews with famous actors from incredible movies of the past few decades. The most interesting one was the episode with Martin Casella. He told how he was lucky to work as Steven Spilberg’s assistant in the production of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He recalled everything that went on behind the scenes, including the process of choosing the right costume, Spielberg’s favorite TV shows, and what lead to the inception of E.T. Plus.


04 – Modern Love – 3: Not So Simple Math

WBUR’s Modern Love takes note of such performers like Paulson to perform some entries from the regular New York Times column and put emphasize on the importance of love. Sarah reads different stories, among of which the most breathtaking one was Amy Seek’s work. Paulson managed to narrate this cute story with such excitement and gentleness, that anyone would definitely shed a tear.

05 – Reply All – #64-67: On the Inside

Gimlet show is such a winning podcast that every episode is considered to be a masterpiece. The most incredible episode is the fourth one, connected with a story of Paul Modrowski, a prisoner serving a life sentence. When exploring his diary, you reveal the main reasons why he was sentenced to prison. His detailed description of a murder causes a total excitement of the audience.

06 – Skillset – #3: This is Bringing Up Weird Feelings for Me

Skillset is Amy Nicholson’s podcast, focusing on the critical evaluation of movies. Well-known fact, that Amy Nicholson has experience in writing film history intros, so that she pays attention to unusual subjects in her interviews. But for her assistance, Skillset would never gain its popularity.

All the episodes will change your mind about movies, if they seemed to be simple pieces of art at first, later you would feel that they might show us a second reality.


07 – Keepin’ It 1600Ep. 7: Cruz-Kasich Alliance and Special Guest Jon Lovett 

This year the election season was one of the most stressful and interesting ones thanks to all the events concerning two main candidates and furious rush and excitement of the population. The former speechwriter Jon Favreau and Strategy and Communications Advisor Dan Pfeiffer were overseeing and commenting on this political chaos. A weekly selection of gorgeous White House anecdotes concerning media is the main reason why this podcast is worth listening.