Deleting your Facebook account. What do stars think about this?

According to the latest news concerning Facebook work, the movement of #DeleteFacebook becomes more and more popular. Lots of stars support this idea as well along with ordinary people.


On Tuesday, Will Ferrell, a famous funny man, made an announcement on his Facebook page, that he is deleting his account within 72 hours. He said that he wasn`t a great fan of this social media but he is ending up with Facebook because of the situation concerning users` personal data disclosure. Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica company to collect data of his users for political aims.

Ferrell wrote, “I was very disappointed when heard the information about the Cambridge Analytica company and their information gathering, breaking users` rights to democracy and confidentiality. I cannot continue using the social media, which allowed this situation, which let the spread of propaganda.”

Since this scandal has grown, the hashtag #DeleteFacebook has become viral. Definitely, this influences Facebook and his founder Mark Zuckerberg badly. Facebook shares have decreased greatly.

However, major politicians haven`t quitted Facebook yet, in spite, they criticized the situation and even called Zuckerberg to Congress to talk about this all. Officials, politicians are not likely to delete their Facebook accounts, as they find this social media “virtually indispensable”. Facebook serves as an advertisement board for some important campaign events, it even helps gather volunteers for elections.

When Ferrell ends up with Facebook, he will join the list of stars and brands, that have already quit with this social media because of the latest situation.

Here are some of the celebrities who do not longer use Facebook.

Jim Carrey

The actor and comedian was the first who decided to delete his Facebook account and sell his stock in February. That was a right decision to make, as shares have fallen more than 15% since then.

Carrey encourages other users and investors of Facebook to do the same.

Elon Musk, Tesla, and Space X

Elon Musk was asked on Twitter to delete the page of his company on Facebook. And he did it with no hesitation.


The actress and singer said that the decision of quitting Facebook was very difficult but that`s the right thing to do. Still, she was talking about her personal account perhaps, as her professional page is much more than active now, posting information about her concerts.



Cooper Hefner, the current creative officer of Playboy company, that their company suspends their work on Facebook. He says, that the social media contradicts the values of its users and there`s no sense to stay with it anymore.

Pep Boys

The auto parts retailer said their company quits advertising on Facebook because of the recent scandal. They are concerned about everything what`s going on now and they suspend all the information they share on Facebook, waiting for some accurate actions to be taken.



The software firm, mostly known for Firefox browser, announced that they stopping advertising on Facebook because they are concerned about the privacy policies. Still, they believe this happened because of settings failure, which allowed the third parties to get personal data.


The wireless sound system firm stops its advertising on Facebook as well as on Instagram, Google and Twitter. The scandal should balance the work of a social media between its advertising purposes and safeguarding privacy.