The power of “Vuja De” helps us to become better questioners

Are you jealous of the people, who have a lot of different emotions every day? Do you want to be a researcher, traveller or at least to experience some events, which can saturate your life with new impressions?


No wonder that a lot of people want the same things. Our digital age has brought new opportunities and temptations and everyone wants to live the bright and unforgettable life. Routine and monotony poison our being and we always try to break them with something pleasant and unusual.

Traditional way of relaxation and feeling new emotions is the changing of the circumstances, which surround you. This includes long or short term travelling or moving. New places and people always bring excitement, admiration and interest. Nowadays a lot of people prefer active kinds of sport, which cause adrenaline burst and break the uniformity of ordinary existence. However, as it appeared, there are not only the external factors, which can influence our opinions, mindset and perception. Everything is inside us, all we need to do is to find correct methods and direct our energy to the right stream.

What is “Vuja De” and where it is applied?

The “Vuja De” concept is known in the whole world and is already used successfully by the millions of people. This technique includes viewing the usually things from another angle and search of something we have never noticed. Thus, you can drink a cup of coffee every day for ten years. The same kitchen, the same movements as a day or year before, but suddenly you realize that you experience something new, what you have never felt before. The conditions are the same and the activity is usual, but your way of thinking differs, you precept the things in another way, which is more creative and innovative.


It appears that people have studied this concept and investigated its influence on the human life. Thus, a professor from the Stratford University, Bob Sutton, has written about “Vuja De” in his book called “Weird Ideas That Work”. Though, the traces of the “Vuja De” idea go back to the comedian George Carlin. This man used the “Vuja De” concept in his stand up performances. He shared his feelings with the audience and told about the moments, which he has never experienced before.

How to become better questioner by means of “Vuja De” usage?

The “Vuja De” technique is quite clear, but you may wonder what it gives personally for you. There can be several obvious reasons for using “Vuja De” in your life. First of all it is your personal and individual gains. Not everyone has bright and vivid life and very often those who have, do not appreciate it. Just view the things around you from the other side and see all those details, which you have never noticed.  Consider your life from different point and think why everything happens in some way. Asking questions, for sure will bring the answers.


Also usage of “Vuja De” concept is a real breakthrough for business. There are thousands of ideas and millions of inventions. It is hard to create something new and be the first. Having searching and inquiring mind always will help with such things and the “Vuja De” method is the effective tool for that. You may have the same product and the same target group of customers, but there is always the place for some innovations. Thus, applying unusual approach to things, you can invent some useful option or application, which can be highly appreciated by the clients and breathe life into your activities.

Comprehending your life and some aspects or processes always means a development. It can bring different results and conclusions, but it is always a step forward for you. Try applying “Vuja De” as one of the methods, which lead you to the better and desirable future.