Traditional yoga practices for reducing student’s stress

In our daily livelihood, getting stressed is inevitable. What matters is how you cope with that stress. Choosing to ignore it may lead to severe health issues, in the long run, such as anxiety and depression. If you are struggling with high levels of stress, yoga is a great way to generate calm to your mind and at the same time offer your body the attention it needs. Studies reveal that yoga has an enormous host of benefits such a boosting your immune system, fight food cravings and aid in relieving stress. Moreover, our essay writer can reduce your stress giving you a writing helping hand.


Most yoga practices commit numerous poses to meditation, which converge your feelings and thoughts into awareness. The secret to relieving stress is realizing how to calm the mind. Here are the top yoga practices that are simple to master and are great for alleviating stress.

  1. Salutation Seal

The salutation seal is a great way to prompt a meditative state of awareness. This pose is performed with the hands closed together in a prayer manner, also referred to as center of the heart chakra, thereby representing harmony between the left and right side coming together at the center. The balance is not only physical, but also emotional and mental, and the idea behind this pose is to center our whole being in preparation for contemplation and meditation. You can do this stance while seated comfortably in a cross-legged position and your eyes closed.

  1. Easy Pose

Other than fostering inner calm and groundedness, the easy pose has various other great benefits such as lengthening your spine, opening your hips, tranquility, anxiety elimination, amplified state of serenity, and relieving mental and physical exhaustion and fatigue. Concentrate on your breath in this pose and maintain this position with a straight spine for about 60 seconds.



  1. Cat Pose

The cat pose gently massages your belly organs and spine, while acting as a strong stress buster. This pose is commonly paired with the cow pose. The Cat pose also benefits health in general by stimulating the spinal fluid and digestive tract. For this stance, ensure your wrists are directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips for proper body alignment.

  1. Cow Pose

This is a simple and gentle manner to warm up the spine. The Cow pose not only calms the mind and relieve stress, but it also stimulates and massages belly organs such as the adrenal glands and kidneys, and generate emotional balance. Similar to the Cat pose, ensure your wrists are directly under your shoulders, and your knees under the hips for proper alignment.


  1. Puppy Pose

The Puppy pose is a cross between the downward facing dog and the child’s pose. It helps elongate your spine, revitalize the body and calm the mind. The Puppy pose also alleviates symptoms of chronic insomnia, stress and tension.

The abovementioned yoga practices also depend on the time they are performed, for example, some yoga poses can help you sleep better in the night and stay active all day. Since you are mainly focusing your attention on your breath and body, yoga helps you to release physical tension and temper anxiety, which is the most common illness in the U.S.A. for first timers, it is advisable to start slow and proceed with caution to avoid incurring an injury. Closing the eyes helps in relaxation; also, try holding the poses for at least 30-60 seconds.