What is a Pokémon GO?

App for smartphone that has become number 1 in the whole world is Pokémon GO! Everyone knows Pokémons or at least heard about them. They were very popular in the 90’s and now they have come back. Millions of people has already installed it and they are trying to catch as many Pokémons as they can. The main feature of this app is that you have to walk in real life to move in game. It is based on GPS location and map of your city. While you are walking around you can find different Pokémons in different areas of the city.


The main task of everyone is to catch all the Pokémons and take care of them. You can also breed them. You can acquire an egg with a Pokémon, but, you have to cover some distance to make it hatch. There are also Poké Stops. They are places in your city where you can get valuable goods for the game. They are often different landmarks, monuments, buildings and other meaningful places.

All information that is mentioned about will help you understand how application for smartphone can help students with studying.

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Students participating in 2016 Olympics Rio

2016 Olympic Games take part in a beautiful city of Rio. 206 countries are represented there. A lot of professional sportsmen and women came there to show their skills and good shape. There`s the saying, “A sound mind, in a sound body.” Nowadays students are good not only in studying but in doing sports as well. This helps them to stay strong both physically and mentally, it develops and encourages their talents. So you can meet lots of students participating in the Olympic Games as well. They are the representatives of different countries but let`s talk about Americans. So which universities can be proud of their students?


USC is one of the leaders as lots of its former, present and even future students every time take part in Olympic Games. Students will compete for the USA and 20 other countries in general. The representatives of USC will compete in swimming, water polo, volleyball, golf, basketball, tennis and other kinds of sport. This university can be proud of own students as they not only take part in Games but always win lots of medals.

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10 Quick Tips about Online Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela.


Ths is probably one of the most popular education quotes, as it motivates people to study if not for world changes, then for self-development for sure. They realize that higher education is essential for prospective jobs, and strive to find convenient ways of studying.

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7 Best Blogs to Follow about Education World

Blogging is extremely popular nowadays. People write about their life, express their thought, communicate ideas and encourage others to follow them. However, this fun activity can also be used for educational purposes, as one of the most famous education quotes of Isaac Asimov says: “Self-education, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Blogging is powerful teaching weapon as it is both entertaining and useful to read informative blogs. One can get the latest news in technology, science, politics, read about innovative methods of studying and teaching, broader his or her outlook with recommendations of successful people. Here you can find top-7 blogs that are worth time, which you spend on their reading.


Technologies break into our lives and change the way, in which we learn, work and communicate. This blog highlights the most important issues in culture, technology, and education world, tells about a breakthrough in learning methods and interesting research in technology. MindShift is curated by a journalist and mother of grade-schooler – Tina Barseghian.


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What will Community College be Like in 100 Years?

The system of education in college was roughly the same for last 100 years: students listened to lectures, did exercises, wrote papers, took tests, got grades, graduated and found a job. However, nowadays the number of educated people grows, but the number of those, who can find the job is getting smaller. Students of high school start asking the question whether they need go to college at all?


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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About study abroad opportunities

According to Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, about 4.3 millions of high school graduates are willing to continue their education abroad. Most attractive countries for them are Australia, Austria, and Switzerland, however, the USA takes the leading position for the number of international students in 2009-2010 – 691,000 people, according to statistics of Institute of International Education. They choose best colleges in United States, which are situated in New York, California, and Texas.


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15 best blogs to follow about best blog sites

The Internet is full of interesting, educating, entertaining information, and it is hard to follow it all, especially if you are a student and do not have much free time. Thus, we want you to know about 15 best blogs that are useful for every student. This list includes sites about entertainment, travelling, study abroad university life, movies, books, distant learning etc. In other words, we present you best blog sites about everything that is interesting for every modern student.



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Save your “between ocean love”

If you are planning to move abroad for studying it’s great. However, if you are currently dating a nice guy/girl, your long distance relationship may crash. At least many people will tell you this. But with modern technologies and creative tips, you can improve your relationship, even if you are thousands miles away from each other. Do you want to know how? Follow the article on our Darwin help website and find some really effective advice.

  • Skype

Messaging is good, but hearing your beloved voice and seeing the eyes is wonderful. Also, by sending messages you may misinterpret each other and have an argument. Arrange skype chats as often as possible and spend online time together. This will surely keep your love supported!

  • Send spontaneous gifts

If you are having a long distance relationship, it’s not as easy to surprise each other as when you were close. But it doesn’t mean you should stop sending each other gifts and lose that entire romantic atmosphere. Use the post to send an envelope with a little gift inside. Care of each other and don’t stop showing your love even from a big distance.


  • Trust each other

When living in the same city, you date and can meet up with each other every day. However, when one of the partners go abroad it’s becoming tougher to trust each other. But if you forget to trust your beloved, your relationship will fail. You should be honest and share everything. Plus feeling jealous won’t improve your relationship. If you like someone else and prefer to spend time with that person, it’s best to talk about it and don’t lie, as it will hurt more.

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Breath in, breath out, and go for it!

As we all know, exams are really important actions in our life and we do our best to succeed and pass them. However, feeling stressed definitely doesn’t help but disturb you from concentrating on significant things. But we picked several great methods that will help you to deal with stress and achieve the goal.

  • Take care of yourself before the exam

Before the date when you have to do entrance exam, take a good care of yourself. You should sleep 8-9 hours, eat properly, and do things that you enjoy. By studying the material the whole night before the exam will only make you feel more stressed. The morning before passing the exam have a good breakfast, drink water, and do some physical exercises that will help you to wake up fully.


If you still feel stressed and can’t think of anything but the exam, take some rest. Go to the cinema, meet up with friends, or have a meal with your family. Try to take your mind away from the exam and care about how you feel.

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Select a career by your type of personality

Do you know what type of personality is yours? People divide into introverts and extroverts, which decide a lot of things in their lives.

If you prefer being quiet and do things on your own, you are definitely an introvert. People like you don’t have many friends, however, it doesn’t mean that you are not friendly and not open to meeting people. You just feel more comfortable being on your own and don’t get help because you don’t like to be disturbed.


Extroverts are completely opposite. They like having hundred of friends around, going out, and you will always be able to spot them. Usually, extroverts enjoy working in a team and participate in brainstorming games.

So, did you define your type of personality? If so, we offer you to look at the list of careers you can choose from to feel the most comfortable according to your character. Also, we will explain what degree you need to obtain to get the desired job. Follow us!

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