Best Economical Cars for College Students

Before buying a car, it is better to estimate the expenses on fuel, car insurance, maintenance and the price itself. Some of them will definitely not be suitable for students of college or university.

Thus, we have completed the list of best economical vehicles, which both have low price and best miles per gallon.


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Get to know all Fashion Masters programs in Asia

There is no doubt that job is an essential part in the life of everybody. For someone it is the way to earn some money, for others it is the way of life which surely brings them satisfaction and the feeling of achievement. It is very important to choose the right profession and force own career all the time. If you are keen on fashion and everything concerning it, the best choice will be to enter a college or a university with different branches of fashion specialization.


Certainly, everybody has heard about Asia and its world – famous and prestigious universities. There are lots of them with fashion specialization as well. Thousands of students from different corners of the world come here to enter one of the Asian universities each year.

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Party Hard Colleges and Universities in the US

The most important reason why students go to college is to get an education. So that is important to choose the one with qualified tutors, effective classes, and interesting curriculum. However, studying is not the only thing to do in college. Students enjoy going out, having fun and partying n the weekends. You can havemore free time with students’ Darwin website.


Thus, we have prepared the list of best colleges in the United States for those who want both to study and party hard.

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Scholarships for Certified College Cheerleading Squads

Extra-curricular activities in high school are useful for self-development. Students are members of sports teams, clubs, squads of cheerleaders and learn how to behave in a team, socialize and acquire useful skills. However, with all benefits from such activities, people lose a lot of time, especially those, who want to stand out from the crowd.

The scholarship is a good motivation for students to spend their time on various things, as they know that good grades, sports achievements, and volunteering work will be rewarded. Cheerleading is considered to be a kind of sport, even though it is a sphere of athletics. Thus, cheerleaders get financial aid and grants together with other sportsmen. For beloved Darwin students we want to address a topic of students who took part in cheerleading squads, you are welcome to read it now on Darwin.


College recruits give most talented cheerleaders opportunity to study for free at best educational institutions to lure them to select their educational institution. However, the academic is also crucial. You can be great at cheerleading, but without good grades, you will not have access to university funding.

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International Literacy Day! What students read?

If you are reading this article, you are a really wealthy person, almost a billionaire. It may sound a little bit strange, but it is true. In this particular moment you are richer more than 750 million people all over the world who do not have basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. So what are you feeling now when you know that the opportunity to open and read any book, magazine or newspaper, write message to your friend or just count is beyond the reach for more people than live in the European Union or twice bigger than the USA population?


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Rating of TV Shows on IMDb

This list of serials, it is based on IMDb rating. This is the best Internet Movie Database, where you can find all the information about specific TV Show or film. Its production crew, cast, fictional characters, plot summaries, biographies, trivia and reviews. This list consists of 20 different TV Shows that are worth watching. Title by title we are going to briefly review their plot and genres.

20th Dawson’s Creek

Rating on IMDb 6.5/10. Genres: Drama Plot: In a small coastal city a group of friends tries to cope with their adolescence period.

19th Glee

Rating on IMDb 6.7/10. Genres: Drama, Music, Comedy Plot: To escape from difficult reality of high school, a group of ambitious students decides to join a glee club, where they try to make their dreams come true.

18th Saved by the Bell

Rating on IMDb 7.0/10. Genres: Family, Comedy, Romance Plot: A group of six students and their years at Californian high school.

17th Gossip Girl


Rating on IMDb 7.4/10. Genres: Romance, Drama Plot: Merciless bloggers is always watching and knows every secret of the privileged teens, which are living on the Upper East Side of New York.

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Astronomy – subject that has changed the world

We live in the modern world where different technologies satisfy our needs. It is an era of science, technology and information. You can get information about everything that you want. You are allowed to know everything that you can see around you. How it works, who invented it, what materials are used in manufacturing. Let’s review the ancient times, when sciences just started their development. We know that the figure of the Earth it is more like a sphere and we know that it is round, but people believed that it is square and you can fall out. Nevertheless, Pythagoras was watching the sky and its stars, moon, sun and other cosmic bodies, with a naked eye.


Peoples always had an attraction to space. Astronomy was developing greatly in Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Mesopotamia and India. Lack of tools led to wrong perception of the world and the Earth was believed to be the center of universe. With development of astronomy we know how huge universe is and there still a lot of things that we have to discover.

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TV Shows of Home Box Office

Beginning from the previous century television network has developed greatly. Nowadays almost in every house you will find a TV set. It is one of the most favorite ways how people prefer to spend their free time. HBO one of the most popular and the oldest American satellite and cable television network.


With the help of viewers here are collected favorite their TV Shows for the whole time of HBO existence.  Some of them you may have already watched or heard about them, but you will definitely find a couple of them that will attract your attention.

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Dreams of acting in a film are real

Dream for the most of the students is to stay in front of the camera and act. Play in your favorite movie with different Hollywood stars and actors is really awesome. But to make this dream come true you have to do the best you can. A lot of actors and actresses work really hard to stand on the same stage with the most prominent movie stars.


Even Leonardo DiCaprio. He is one of the best movie actors but only recently he has won Oscar. But do not be afraid. Be hardworking and confident in your success and you will reach your goals.

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9 Myths about Best Colleges in the US

There are approximately 150 countries in the world that are worth visiting. Augustine of Hippo said: “The world is a book and those, who do not travel read only one page”, and he was right. One of the best ways to see the world, or at least, one country is the education abroad.


A lot of students, who are looking for qualitative and prosperous higher education, consider the USA as a destination point. There are a lot of top universities in the United States, and they offer grants and scholarships for international students. However, they have certain concerns about such choice because of numerous myths, which circle in the society. Today, we want to dispel beliefs about student’s life in top educational institutions in the US, and colleges in Boston and Massachusetts in particular.

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