Online learning – the future of education

Modern ways of getting an education differ in some aspects from the way it happened 50 or 100 years ago; nowadays alongside of the traditional system of education such types as online courses become an extremely popular. According to statistics, in 2015 the market of online education was worth $166.5 billion, and it is expected to grow to $255 billion by 2017. Such big numbers allow considering that new format as the far-reaching factor that can greatly affect the future of education. The phenomenon of online learning like many other things has positive and negative sides, but nevertheless it is spreading rapidly, and who knows, maybe in the near future we will forget about visiting classes in university?


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Programming degree. In love with a terabyte

To sustain the privilege of being one of the chosen few who can attend Ivy and still pay their daily bills, we’ve asked people about the importance of web education. Many have agreed computer science can’t be dealt with in a careless manner, nor in a way that presupposes estranging yourself from the university environment. Others praised teachers and empowerment they could never receive in high school, let alone in primary institutions. With a degree and years of training behind their back, one could easily say today’s graduates are nothing short of genius, but we’ve made ourselves clear on that one: there is always a room for perfection.


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 EU universities – fees, permits, lectures 

Low tuition fees. Figuring out German studies? Welcome onboard as Germans boast one of the most democratic education in Europe. They are the old school kinds of studies where you have a middle age castle as a residence and Germany’s finest custom at hand. As universities come under local governance, fees scarcely hover above 500 Euros per semester, which is nothing compared to American college. Some institutions have an administrative policy allowing them to accept students who want to study in Europe, and that is a general practice.


It’s almost unbelievable considering the immigration issue and recent demographics. You don’t have to be crawling with cash to study in Europe. We recommend you to visit University of Cologne and München for more detail.

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Jeremy Shuler – The youngest student ever

Jeremy Shuler is a miracle, a genius inborn. He is now one of the most promising students in the Ivy League University. What of it, you may say. People enter college every day. This one, however, is special. Jeremy is 12.


The boy was home-schooled, born into a family of engineers, and is progressing with his studies on a daily basis. He is a kind of a child that has to be busy all the time, inventing things and exploring everything that is around him.

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Best Science Places. The world ranking

Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom. This is the most popular place for all Jurassic Park fans (except the dinos do not move after all). If you’ve been watching the movies about the extinct creatures with bated breath, this structure guarantees your open-mouthed awe. We are all children in our hearts, and the idea of dreams coming alive forever excites us. Here we go. Sit on the edge of your sit while watching the film about the species of the pangolins traipsing the Earth when the world was young, and the remnants of which still make archaeologists glad.


To engage in an awesome adventure that dates back in time, you have to buy a ticket at the front. And voila! The rare collection of plants and species together with flora and fauna existing billions of year ago. An exciting visit for children, promising scientists and discoverers at heart!

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Successful start-ups. Top ever projects implemented by students

The 3dim platform. With the use of the 3d sensor, you get to have small interactions with the gadget system every day. You don’t have to use hands anymore – it is not a touch pad. You move around and gesticulate, and that is enough. A real lighting and the home artificial both work for this type of thing. Incredibly convenient and super smart, and you don’t have to have that thumb pressure (a special kind of fatigue coming from pressing buttons on one’s gadget). The program is functioning solely on software, which allows it to be installed literally everywhere. A perfect choice!


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 Three Simple Tips from Neuroscience to Learn Better

Do you want to improve your academic performance, but you do not know how? The answer may be found in neuroscientific studies. They claim that development of the brain from early childhood is a key to successful learning. Here we have 3 insights for you to understand how the brain works and how to make use of this knowledge.


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Why to Participate in a Medical Gap Year Project?


You can study hard, but you will never become a good doctor without practice. That is why medical gap year is so popular, and we have prepared 7 main reasons for you to try it on your own.

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The Most Expensive Sports Teams around the Globe

Real Madrid was considered to be the most expensive team in the world for several years in a row. In 2016, first place of teams with the highest market value was taken by Dallas Cowboys, which are worth $4 billion. Our top 10 consists of football and soccer teams mainly, also there are two basketball teams and one MLB team.


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American Student and Fitness

Being a young is a special period of time, when you’re full of strengths and energy, ready for exploring something new, and being a student is twice better. Studentship greatly influences the lifestyle of every person; you become a part of another community and make new acquaintances, many new opportunities are opened to you, so you may feel lack of time for your sport exercises.



Don’t let student routine exclude such important points from your schedule. Physical activity is extremely necessary for a young body; it improves not only general health condition, but also warns of problems with health in the future.

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