Top Veterinary Schools in 2016

Veterinary education is very important and needed in nowadays as almost everyone has a pet sometimes it needs help and you can provide professional treatment and help after studying at Universities that have high quality of education. Here are universities from different countries that offers you this education. They are waiting for you.

New Zealand and Australia

Let’s go to a wonderful continent with its wonderful culture and nature, to Australia. It is modern and advanced country that is open for all international students and here you can get valuable knowledge in veterinary disciplines. There are four Universities that are in the world’s ranking according to which they show their teaching level of these disciplines. On the 37th place is University of Murdoch with its good practical classes. The next is on 29th place and this is Queensland University that has a lot of professors that can teach you all that you need. On the 18th place Melbourne University that possess a great base of different sources. And the holder of 9th place is Sydney University, the best in Australia where you have an opportunity to spent wonderful education time.

a97c4a1614b53d6f55ae2464b06ba6aa-largeNext our destination is New Zealand. Very lovely and picturesque country where you will exactly find yourself satisfied with education, living etc. It has only one veterinary school but the quality of knowledge that you will gain there, incomparable. University of Massey takes 25th place in top list and it has a lot of opportunities for living there for international students.

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10 Celebrities With Degrees in Engineering

Engineering is very interesting science. It is great if someone of you have decided to study it. Here let’s overlook celebrities that also have studied engineering and how it influenced on their further life.

Ashton Kutcher


The first person in our list is Ashton Kutcher. Now he is famous Hollywood actor, investor, producer and former model of United States. But before all that he spend his education years in Iowa University to get to know more about biochemical engineering. He has made such decision in to cure Michael his twin brother. But after some time he quit university and go in for acting.

Bill Nye

The second, is also American celebrity Bill Nye. His education has a significant impact on his life and career. His studying years he spent in University of Cornell where he gain really valuable knowledge. After that he ran his own TV show and became popular throughout the country.

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10 Celebrities Who Went to Business School

Benicio Del Toro

Born in the family of lawyers as his father, mother and even godson are lawyers and of course they wanted him to become a lawyer. He actually studied business disciplines and law but now Benicio is one of the prominent actors. You will see him in the next episode of Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017.

Cate Blanchett

Can you imagine that this famous actress who stared in Lord of the Rings trilogy and other two films based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s’ novels, in school years planned to become an economist? At the university she has fallen in love with art and acting and this brings her worldwide glory.

Eddie Izzard

This story about the man who during his studying at business school and later in university for business degree, left his studying and has become one of the best comedians of our times. He not like others and he has his own style of performing that will always make you laugh to tears.

Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump born in the family where everyone is businessman but she has long path to success. She studied at the university and graduated with economics degree. But firstly she didn’t start to work in business sphere. As she is very beautiful and firstly she has worked in modeling sphere. Later on she have decided to go in for business and writing. Now she is Vice President at the Trump Organization.

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9 Top Study Destinations You Haven’t Considered

Everyone has thought about education somewhere abroad. From the very beginning our first thoughts about United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Japan but this is not the all destination that may satisfy you needs. There are countries with their unique culture, tradition and educational system, which also are in the top 50 best for studying countries.

So, let’s get to know a little bit more about them.

(UAE) United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the one of the richest and hottest countries – United Arab Emirates. According to the ranking it takes 48th place. It is developed country and encourages students from all over the world to study in their universities. They provide a great variety of disciplines and you will exactly find beloved one.



Let’s take plane and visit Latin America, especially Argentina. This is wonderful country and takes 18th place in ranking and this represents its strong educational base that gives you valuable knowledge. But not only knowledge awaits for you. You will have opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature and lovely Atlantic Ocean.

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Some advice for students to start a happy life in London

So you have entered to university of London. You are here for the first time or you had come here several times in your life. The city is completely new, you do not know anyone here, but must adapt to it. At first you feel delight. An incredible amount of attractions that fascinate with its beauty, bright pictures of the night in London and mysterious mist create a special atmosphere of this incredible city. But all this does not help you provide yourself with a comfortable existence in the capital of Great Britain. You have to know what to do at the beginning of your life in London to adapt and find new friends as quickly as possible. If your accustoming is bad you risk not only to lose interest in London, but to get tired and disappointed in it.


You will need to adapt quickly to local customs and not contravene established laws. Try to find the positive in what seems strange to you, and you will certainly plunge into London culture and even become a part of puzzles of this great city.

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Top Universities for Physics and Astronomy in 2016

Astronomy is really titillating and physics very fascinating subject and they counted as one of the most intriguing and adorable subjects to study. Now this disciplines very important in developing new modern technologies. Many universities develop their own way of teaching them to give high quality of knowledge. Here is a slight overview about the top universities in different regions, countries of the world.

Top Universities for studying Astronomy and Physics disciplines

The greater amount are in United States of America: • University of Princeton • California University • Institute of Technology of California • Stanford • Harvard • Institute of Technology of Massachusetts There are also in UK: • Oxford • Cambridge In Switzerland: • ETH Zurich In Japan: • Tokyo University

Canada and USA universities to study astronomy and physics

A lot of pleasant universities you may look for in Canada. Their level of education considered to be the highest and there valuable reasons for that because it provides great technical side in education and assignments. In USA most of scientific and astronomic Universities are in the top 20 from all over the world and the best of them are: Yale, California University, University of Chicago and University of Columbia.

Middle East and African universities to study astronomy and physics

Amazing country Israel have something to offer for everyone who likes studying. University that in the top universities over the world. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Turkey also possess universities with high quality classes and professors. Among African countries only South Africa has two universities with high quality of studying.


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Uefa champions league with educational programme!

Have you ever thought about how it is really going on with World Tournaments, any educational programmes or pre-tournament guidance for players, support team or medical help while performance. In a fact, every entertainment is accompanied with professional medical team separately for public and players who is lucky to be and present a country in champions league.

Champions League Schedule for educated medical support


The UEFA Football Doctor Education Programme is an intensive course for those who love football and medicine both. All of the UEFA’s member association take part in process of becoming a high-quality educated and prepared football doctor, who knows weakness of almost all football players and can help in a bumpy ride football teams. Educational programme contains workshops where candidates can study how to act while football match, practicing medical techniques with on-line platform supporting best football players with videos and detailed information, testing their qualification with right ad-hock care actions, providing healthcare during championship football.

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How to Choose a Graduate Job

We spend a lot of time learning, studying hard in order to get knowledge, skills, abilities and also degree of our specialization. After all that we hope to get a job. During the last year of studying at university you may hear that someone has already found job after graduating or have some variants where he or he is going to work. But you don’t have to worry and panic like have missed your train and everything. We are going discuss how use your degree in developing of your career.

Be realistic about who you are and your desires


This is just beginning point but it is very important. To choose the best graduate you have to be honest with yourself. You should take into consideration some factors that may influence on your further choices. It will be better for you to answer on this list of questions: What can I can do? What can’t I do? What do I like to do? What don’t I like to do? What are my strong and weak points? Which position I would like to have after some years? Whether I prefer to work in team or just by myself? These are the main questions and this list you may continue by yourself according to your needs and thing that you consider important. After answering on these question it will be easier to look for a job that you would like to have in future.

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Available scholarships in New Zealand for studying

Everyone wants to get high quality education and spent less money. New Zealand has something to offer for you that will satisfy your needs and opportunities. According to QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings New Zealand takes 16th place of the educational systems from the whole world. New Zealand `has a great number of scholarship that allow you to live and study in wonderful country with picturesque nature, high living standards and great educational system. There are 3 kinds of scholarships: • Governmental. • University. • Scholarships that have other sponsorships.


Governmental Scholarships in New Zealand

• Fulbright New Zealand US Graduate Awards. This stipend for every student from USA who is going to study on research program or a postgraduate in any sphere or subject at New Zealand universities. It covers studying expanses, costs for living, air flights and even more. • New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarships. It allows studying for students from countries of Commonwealth of Nations and in Pacific and also for countries that are developing now. These scholarships entirely sponsored by government and covers study costs, living and another expenses. • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships. It gives a grant for foreign students that applied to any New Zeland University for PhD program. It covers all expenses for studying and living up to 3 academic years. It is gives stipend according to academic success.

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Higher education plays an important role in our lives and we all want to spend our studying years with comfort and pleasure. When people talk about education in Europe, their first thoughts about France, United Kingdom, Germany. And they are right, because there is high level of education, but they forget about other European countries that also provide high quality of education. According to the Qs Higher Education System Strength Rankings these countries in the top 50 and they claim position below the 21 in the rankings. All of them ready to show and offer their own educational systems, wonderful culture and exciting studying process.

Harmonious Austria


Let’s start our excursion from Austria. It allows you to study in the oldest German-speaking University of the world, Vienna. Another advantage is that Austria in the middle of Europe that allow you easily visit close to it countries. It provide wide range of different disciplines that helps easily choose suitable for you. It is also needs to mention that Austria well developed in musical and cultural sphere.

Stunning Belgium

The next country is Belgium According to the System Strength Rankings I takes 15th place. It is very suitable country for studying new languages and also a great number of different courses in studying English. Culture life of Belgium differs from others. It has a rich history, lovely rural areas, and just delicious cuisine. Belgium provides high quality of education in universities that makes your studying unforgettable.

Charming Czech Republic


If you are going to study medicine and engineering disciplines, the best variant for you is Czech Republic. It is aimed on giving high quality education to all its and also international students. Every year the number of universities that provide English-speaking courses on different disciplines increases. There also some advantages. Cost of living and tuition fees not so high and the capital Prague is one of the most adorable cities in Europe.

Digital but real Estonia

Our next destination for studying is Estonia. In nowadays it is a leader developing different new technologies that will make your studying more exciting. The most prominent are creation of Skype and TransferWise. Estonia likes modernization and uses automaton that makes our life easier. It also has attractive architecture and culture. It will the best variant for those who like different gadgets.

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